Wonder Woman Comic supports non-binary gender identities

In Wonder Woman # 777, Diana encounters the “reverse sex” version of the Justice League, the comic calling the idea of ​​gender binary.

Warning: spoilers for Wonder Woman # 777!

Mainstream comics are far from perfect in the way they practice inclusiveness, but DC followed its pride-inspired release highlighting its LGBTQ + connections and heroes with continued engagement with queer issues, recently revealing that beloved Robin Tim Drake is bisexual and now, in Wonder Woman # 777, avoiding binary genre assumptions as Diana and supernatural hero Deadman reunite on Earth-11, where they team up with the Justice Guild.

Wonder Woman has embarked on the adventure lately. Arriving in the realm of the gods after her apparent death, she saved the Norse gods from their waning cycle of resurrection, saved her fellow Olympians from eternal torment, and cast her villainous double through the dangerous realms of myth. Now, as she tracks down the evil, rogue Roman god Janus in an attempt to stop him from destroying all of reality, Diana finds herself in another unexpected arena.

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When Diana finds herself on Earth-11, a world in which the Justice League and all genres of Earth’s heroes are “swapped,” it doesn’t take long before things are said regarding both the dynamics. gender and the genre as a whole. It is evident that the creative team behind ‘Afterworlds – Part 8’ (Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Emanuela Lupacchino, Wade Von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire and Pat Brosseau) seized the opportunity to put Wonder Woman in this alternate reality. as a way for her to take on her male counterpart Wonder Man in an epic fight, trick readers into believing she might finally be back in her native reality, and offer some comments on the idea of ​​a Men’s Justice League and women. While Wonder Man spews out his own theories on the genre, it’s Deadman who questions Earth-11’s basic premise – when Superwoman says, “I guess you are from the same dimension as this Wonder Man woman. It would make you deadman, I suppose,” the late hero Boston Brand responds, “Yes, but I think we both know that the binary genre is just one construction. “

Wonder Woman Justice Guild

The simplicity and simplicity of his commentary is flawless and transparent, and the fact that it comes from Deadman is especially fitting given that his powers allow him to possess any living being, regardless of gender. It should also be noted that Boston Brand is familiar with many, if not most, of the spiritual realms of DC, working as an agent of the god Rama Kushna, and therefore his observations on the nature of the being have even more depth. authority that a more mundane hero can offer in his stead.

It’s exciting to see that kind of vocalization coming from such a big name in the industry, and in such a well-established comic book. The authors of this issue have even taken it upon themselves to denounce an outdated rhetoric regarding gender stereotypes. Pair these progressive conversations with what DC has done recently to strengthen its LGBTQ + and minority characters through mini-series, special covers, and more. Hope the posts in Wonder Woman # 777 are just one of many milestones in DC and its creators’ commitment to inclusiveness and representation.

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