What does the tattoo on the back of WWE star Jeff Hardy mean?

Jeff Hardy, who was drafted to SmackDown in the 2021 WWE Draft, is one of WWE’s most respected Superstars. He is known for his intricate face painting before his matches.

The Charismatic Enigma is also known for his many tattoos, which adds to his eccentric character in WWE. One of the recent but famous tattoos is on Hardy’s back, featuring a demon face.

In a WWE episode After the bell, Jeff Hardy revealed that the tattoo signifies the demons that Jeff Hardy has faced throughout his life:

“I started my big back tattoo in July with the idea that I might have this condition called alcoholism or something. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo of what it looks like because I naturally have talked about demons throughout my career. I’m tired of talking about demons, “said Jeff Hardy.

His addiction has gotten him into trouble on several occasions. Hardy assured fans that his issues were definitely resolved. He also said the demon is his favorite tattoo at the moment.

How many tattoos does Jeff Hardy have?

As revealed by Body art guruWWE’s Charismatic Enigma has at least eight tattoos on his body. While the giant back tattoo may seem the most prominent, her other tattoos are also excellent.

Jeff Hardy has a Hardy Boyz logo inked on his upper back, which describes the significance of his team career alongside his brother, Matt Hardy. On her neck, twin demons can be seen that seem to suffocate her. They also represent the darkest days of his career.

Jeff Hardy’s left wrist has a very special tattoo consisting of two letters. His wife also has the same tattoo, representing the love they share. A giant rattlesnake tattoo is inked on the right side of her body which is one of the prettiest tattoos on her body.

In addition to these tattoos, the WWE legend also has smaller tattoos on his right arm and left leg. Despite all of these tattoos, Hardy will surely have more inking in the future!

What’s your favorite Jeff Hardy tattoo? Let us know in the “Comments” section!

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