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Jeremy Vine asked viewers of his Channel 5 show if they agreed with St Ives, Cornwall’s decision to charge tourists to use public toilets. Appellant Sally accepted the ruling as she pointed out that residents are already “paying for” the toilets through their municipal tax contributions.

The host explained: ‘Tourists and second home owners in St Ives in Cornwall will be forced to spend a penny to use a public toilet.

“It’s crowded in the summer and there aren’t enough toilets,” he continued.

“Councillors at St Ives, who received over half a million visitors last year, hope their plan will reduce their maintenance bill.

“The council currently spends £125,000 a year looking after public toilets.”

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Jeremy spoke to viewer Sally who explained why she thinks locals should be given priority over using public toilets.

She said, “Well, the thing is, you probably don’t look at how your council tax is broken down, but I do.

“You get so much for the police and so much goes to the country council, so much goes to the district council and so much goes to the village.

“People who live there are already paying for these toilets anyway, so they’ve already paid.”

Kathleen from Birmingham called to add her thoughts on the subject.

“I think there should be a small fine for people who use public toilets to maintain them.

“But to say that most people will use the motorway services before arriving at their destination.

“Most people, if they go to a place that’s a big enough city, they walk in and buy a coffee and ask if they can use the toilets there.

“I think public restrooms are very rare.”

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