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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex received cheers from the crowd as they arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee commemoration ceremony. Meghan Markle, who was dressed in a white outfit and matching hat, joined her husband Prince Harry as they entered the church.

However, the couple’s relegated seats were a telltale sign of their change in royal status.

Harry and Meghan sat apart from Prince Charles and Prince William in the second row, behind the Wessex family and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Discussing the snub on GB News, Angela Levin blasted the Royal Family as she told Alastair Stewart

‘It’s not a working royal anymore and in fact they’ve been criticizing the royal family for so long,’ Angela said angrily.

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“They were so rude. It wasn’t about leaving and leaving, it was about how they did it.

“It was insulting in the extreme… accusations, lies. It was so wrong to do the Oprah Winfrey [interview].

“I think even though the Queen can forgive because she loves him, he is her grandson.

“Obviously she doesn’t like what they did and I feel the public is very against him because of what he did to the Queen.”

Former Home Secretary Norman Baker, who also took part in the debate, strongly disagreed with Angela’s views.

“I think the Royal Family has applied a hierarchy to where people sit,” he replied.

“They’re very fossilized that way, everyone has a place in that structure and Harry and Megan have kind of gone down the charts because they don’t work in the royal family anymore.

“I think that’s the explanation for the second row, I mean I don’t think they behaved entirely accurately and fairly.

“I mean they’ve been slightly sticky with some things they’ve done.”

The guest went on to say he did not believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were snubbed at St Paul as they received the royal treatment.

Speaking of Harry’s facial expressions as he entered the cathedral, Angela pointed out: “If you look at Harry’s face, I spent a year with him when I did his biography.

“He wears his expressions and his feelings on his face and he was furious.”

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