Travis Scott issues statement regarding event involving multiple victims

Travis Scott has released a statement following the tragic events of the Astroworld 2021 festival at NRG Park in Houston.

As previously reported, there were eight confirmed deaths and many more injured during the first day of the huge festival, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has confirmed Friday night. The deaths and injuries appear to have been caused when a huge mass of people began to pour into the limelight around 9:15 p.m., crushing dozens of people. Shortly after noticing that the attendees were injured and worse, officials asked Travis to end the show and he complied. But not before some people at the show say the Texas native continued to perform amidst the chaos for several minutes.

There would have been 50,000 people present. According to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, 367 police officers and 241 security guards were in charge of monitoring the event. More than 300 people were treated for injuries on the spot. More people were transported to local hospitals. Many of these people suffered from cardiac arrest. One of the deceased is said to be a 10-year-old child. The cause of death for the eight victims has not been determined. There are also rumors that some spectators have been injected with drugs. The Houston Police Department is currently investigating a tragic incident.

“My job as police chief is to make sure we find out what happened,” Finner told reporters on Friday night. “We’re going to treat this as an investigation because we don’t know. I have investigators here at the scene. I’m sending investigators to hospitals because we just don’t know, and we will. So pray. for these families. I think it’s very important. Everybody in our town is praying for these families and, and we’re going to be fine, but we’re going to investigate and find out because it’s not fair to them. producers, for no one else involved until we figure out what happened, what caused the surge. We don’t know, but we’ll find out, and is there something criminal?

After the show, some in attendance took to Twitter to relay their heartbreaking experiences. Many spoke of being trapped in the mass of people and fighting for their lives to be free. Others spoke of seeing dozens of people passed out and bloodied, and even of seeing corpses on the ground.

The second day of the festival has been canceled. On Saturday morning (November 6), the official Astroworld Fest Instagram account made a statement about the incident. “Our hearts are with the AstroWorld Festival tonigt family,” he begins. “Especially those we have lost and their loved ones. We are focusing on supporting local officials as much as we can. With that in mind, the festival will no longer take place on Saturday. As the authorities mentioned earlier during at their press conference, they review the series of cardiac arrests that have taken place. If you have any relevant information on this, please contact @HoustonPolice. Thank you to our partners at the Houston Police Department, Fire Department and of NRG Park for their response and support. “

XXL has contacted Travis Scott’s team for comment.

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