Transfer money from Germany to the United States


I am in the same situation as the original poster – I am expecting a substantial sum of money from the sale of an inherited property in Germany which will first land in a German bank account but will then need to be transferred to a bank account American without losing a fortune in bank charges at both ends or getting ripped off by particularly bad exchange rates. I already know that a special forex brokerage company is the best deal.

Since the expected sum will trigger reporting requirements in the United States, the popular Wise/Transferwise is not a good option. There seems to be a consensus online that Wise is best reserved for 4-figure sums or less. Once reporting requirements are triggered, Wise may find he suddenly needs additional documents, and people have found large sums held up for long periods of time – by a company that only has a website and can’t be reached by telephone. I’m looking for a company that handles larger transfers through human customer service representatives.

Another concern is that the company is regulated in both Germany and the US, so you have legal rights and they can’t just “lose” your money.

My question is, can someone who has been in the same situation recommend a specific service? I am currently studying Currencies Direct, XE and OFX. I’m not interested in links to review websites. I ask for recommendations based on personal experience.

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