Trae Young’s tattoo has a huge connection to Luka Doncic

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young just spilled some ink. The 22-year-old quickly took to Twitter to share his new post, and unsurprisingly, it garnered a significant number of reactions on social media. What we couldn’t help but notice, however, is that Young’s new tattoo has a huge connection to Dallas Mavericks stud Luka Doncic.

To begin with, this is Young Tweeter showing what is unmistakably a work of body art:

Nice and clean, right? The artist certainly deserves a ton of credit for this masterpiece.

Now the Luka connection. In case you didn’t know, the Mavs star also has an animal tattoo on his forearm. Here, look :

Doncic has a huge tiger on his left forearm, which in itself is a pretty impressive piece as well. For Young Traé, however, he opted for a lion on what appears to be his leg. For a second, I thought it was Trae’s forearm too. Looks like the Hawks star skipped a few leg days at the gym.

So Trae Young tries to end it Luka Doncic here? I mean the lion is the king of the jungle, right, and the tiger is, well, it’s not. The connection might be a bit of a stretch, but it was really a fun exercise in connecting the dots. After all, the careers of these two stars have been linked from the very beginning – as in the 2018 NBA Draft – and there’s no denying that their career paths will run parallel for many years to come.

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