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Chicago and Minneapolis still lead the Midwest standings, but Indy edged out Pittsburgh

TechCrunch is spending time each quarter covering the startup markets of the world. We take a look at the aggregate numbers and dig deeper into regions like Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and more.

But sometimes key data points are lost even in these more specific venture capital data dives. For example, while it’s good to look at venture capital and start-ups in Europe every quarter, we also need to compare, say, France and Germany to really understand what’s driving results on the continent.

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The same is true in some countries when we take a closer look at local venture capital activity. The North American market is perhaps the most active startup region in the world. But if we just take a look at its most important single contribution – the venture capital financing of American startups – we would miss a critical nuance. It is therefore necessary to go inside the United States to fully exploit its activity. Does the Boston area’s focus on software and biotechnology do better than, say, the Bay Area’s startup machine?

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