This ‘dirty money’ from Russia puts Tories to shame as ‘Londongrad’ links come to light – Yorkshire Post Letters

It’s all very well for Bill Carmichael (The Yorkshire Post, February 4) to launch into rhetorical foam about a special hell for Vladimir Putin and his henchmen, but, confining ourselves to this world, we should look at complicity closer to home.

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British sanctions after invading Ukraine were well below those imposed by the US and EU, and the government has been dragging its feet ever since.

How can Russian dictator Vladimir Putin be held responsible for invading Ukraine?

The explanation lies in the well-paid fifth column of lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and PR types that the Putin mob retains to deal with their laundered wealth in “Londongrad”.

Specifically, since Boris Johnson became leader, the Conservative party at national and constituency level has received nearly £2million from donors who have made money in Russia or have alleged links to the regime. of Putin.

The figure can only be an estimate – but the secrecy allowed to these people is a big part of the problem and one of the reasons that attract them to the UK. What could they expect in return? For starters, precisely this dragging your feet.

A bus driver watches as refugees fleeing war in Ukraine form a line as they approach the border with Poland in Shehyni, Ukraine, Sunday, March 6, 2022. The number of Ukrainians driven out of their country has risen to 1.5 million and the Kremlin’s rhetoric increased, with Russian President Vladimir Putin warning that Ukraine’s statehood was in jeopardy. (AP Photo/Daniel Cole).

HILARY Andrews (The Yorkshire Post, March 3) again churns the old chestnut on democracy and the EU. How many rehearsals does it take to convince Hilary that the EU is far more democratic than Westminster?

Our archaic First Past The Post voting system – shared in Europe only by Belarus – almost always results in a government with only around 40% of the popular vote. On top of that we have the entirely unelected House of Lords, a chamber filled with political favorites, including a Russian oligarch, the Baron of Hampton and Siberia, Evgeny Lebedev.

Hilary should also be reminded that the Astra-Zeneca vaccine was developed when we were still a member of the European Medicines Agency, despite the fact that the UK today has the dubious honor of having the third highest death rate from Covid in Western Europe, and almost double that of Germany and the Netherlands.

This photo provided Thursday, March 3, 2022 by French customs shows the yacht Amore Vero moored in the Mediterranean resort of La Ciotat, Wednesday, March 2, 2022. French authorities have seized the yacht linked to Igor Sechin, an ally of Putin who leads Russian oil giant Rosneft, as part of EU sanctions against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The boat arrived in La Ciotat on January 3 for repairs and was due to stay until April 1 and was seized to prevent this attempted departure. (French Customs via AP).

From: Anne Stewart, Helmsley.

As well as sending money and wanted items, do the people of Yorkshire think it’s a good idea to put up the Tour de Yorkshire bunting, which is in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, to show our support?

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

NOW that we and the EU must finally come to grips with the true economic cost of depending on the current Russian government for much of Western Europe’s energy needs, I hope green activists and their allies realize that many our citizens will be unable to afford rising energy costs as a direct result of their opposition to fracking, coal mining and oil wells in the North Sea,

There is no doubt that their actions will force us to pay astronomical prices just to keep ourselves and our families warm during the winter months. Unfortunately, the current government is not helping at all with its silly Net Zero goals.

It is especially sad for me to be a longtime Conservative who had hoped that common sense would determine the energy policies of this government.

For God’s sake, let’s start fracking, coal mining and drilling new oil wells in our territorial waters and give our citizens reliable and affordable energy.

From: Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

THOSE of a green persuasion want to ban gas and nuclear and rely on wind turbines. The grid website iamkate shows that over the past 12 months gas supplied 39% and nuclear 16.5% of the UK’s electricity, but wind only accounted for 19.8%. The answer, my friend, is not in the air.

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