The art school welcomes visual artist Cassils in a series of lectures

Graphic by School of Art, Cassils by Robin Black

SoArt Invited Lecture Series

The School of Art at Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is delighted to welcome artist Cassils to the guest lecture series. The virtual conference will take place this Thursday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m.

Cassils is a transgender artist who makes his own body the material and the protagonist of his performances. Their art contemplates the history of LGBTQI + violence, representation, struggle and survival.

For Cassils, performance is a form of social sculpture: starting from the idea that bodies are formed in relation to the forces of power and social expectations, their work explores historical contexts to question the present moment.

Referring to conceptualism, feminism and body art, Cassils powerfully trains her body for various performative purposes, engaging in a process of extreme physical and psychological endurance. Positioning their bodies as a battlefield, it is with sweat, blood and sinew that Cassils shares experiences to contemplate stories of violence, representation, struggle and survival.

“There couldn’t be a better time to bring Cassils to art school,” said John Blakinger, director of the art history program and endowed associate professor. “At a time when transgender rights are under threat across the country, their work is incredibly relevant and urgent. Cassils uses the body as a medium to explore what it means to be trans and non-binary today. Their multimedia art questions the way in which society shapes gender politics. “

In a recent CNN article, Cassils describes growing up thinking he was an artist and was supposed to be a painter. Their perception changed and a new path emerged through their studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

They received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Art and Media from the California Institute of the Arts.

Cassils recently opened his first solo exhibition in the UK, a survey of 10 years of screen and printed works. Organized by Bren O’Callaghan for HOME, Manchester, the exhibition is accompanied by the world premiere of Cassils’ first contemporary dance piece, Human measurement.

The performance is a collaboration with choreographer Jasmine Albuquerque and draws on personal safety, vulnerability and problematizes visibility in a time of heightened violence against the GNC / trans community.

“I consider being an artist to be a service provider,” Cassils said, “and I will do whatever it takes to create something that makes sense and that can make the world a safer and better place to stay. the people.”

The Art School is delighted to welcome Cassils and invites everyone to learn more about their work Thursday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m.

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