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Chennai: Violinist Kumaresh R and artist veena Jayanthi Kumaresh hope that the next time you run out, you do it with “the strings tied.” Or ‘Run with SA’, as they call it. The musicians have just released an album of training music based entirely on Carnatic ragams, with a little Cuban and Brazilian pep for a sprint stretch perhaps?
“We were on a morning walk one day when someone mentioned that it would be good to have a classic playlist to listen to during a run. And that’s how we created this 36-minute album, ”Jayanthi explains.
To create the five-track album, the artists reached out to runners and gym enthusiasts to figure out what kind of rhythm they were looking for in their music. The result was an album with warm-up tracks, quick tracks and a cool-down. For example, says Jayanthi, the album begins with a composition based on the hamsadhvani, at 160 beats per minute for the warm-up, then changes to “nattakurinji” at 180 beats per minute, then softens to “kamaas” to help. to calm down.
It’s not just the Kumaresh duo that released a Carnatic-themed album for exercise routines, which seems to be becoming popular with fitness enthusiasts in the city. Previous studies have shown that music slower between 80 and 115 beats per minute can help slow your heart rate and reduce anxiety before a race or game.
A few months ago, Madrasana released six Workout with Carnatic albums, which, like Run with SA, are available on multiple digital streaming platforms. In the first month, there were nearly 4,000 streams across all digital platforms, says Mahesh Venkateshwaran, founder of the music platform.
Madrasana conducted a survey of 400 people, asking them about their workouts and the types of ragas they listen to. “We’ve noticed that runners seem to like the faster Carnatic numbers. For our survey, some runners were even specific about the number of beats per minute they wanted,” he says. Madrasana enlisted classical musicians and singers such as Ramakrishnan Murthy, Vignesh Ishwar, Sriranjani Santhanagopalan, Ashwath Narayanan, Sandeep Narayan, Ashwin Srinivasan and Ramana Balachandran for their album.
Since runners listen to music through headphones, the album, Mahesh says, was produced in Ambisonics, which is full-sphere surround sound. “It’s nicer on the ears with headphones,” says Mahesh.
Entrepreneur Biju Zachariah says that although he usually listens to blues and rock during his run, he has recently tried Carnatic music. “It was refreshing,” says Zachariah, who has tried Run with SA. “I always thought classical music would be too sweet for a race, but numbers with a faster beat set you up for a good beat.”


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