T-Pain says he got Jackie Chan meme tattooed on his hand so people would “stop talking to him” if they said something stupid

Rapper T-Pain (left) seated, with a close-up image of his Jackie Chan tattoo (right). Getty Images and WireImage

  • T-Pain explained to Insider the meaning of his Jackie Chan meme tattoo on his hand.

  • The rapper says the tattoo was the result of “hearing people say a lot of bullshit.”

  • Jackie Chan’s meme was born from Chan’s appearance at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival.

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T-Pain has over a dozen tattoos, but perhaps the most notable of these permanent works of art is a hand tattoo that shows an actor Jackie Chan meme.

The “Buy U a Drank” rapper revealed the reason for the tattoo during an interview with Insider last month to promote his partnership with LG Homestyle Challenge.

“It was just fun to put this on [hand up] while these people are talking to me and don’t even have to do that expression, ”he told Insider on Zoom. “It was funny as hell to have people watching [the tattoo] when they tell me bullshit.

He continued, “The hand says it all, ‘Stop talking to her.'”

The meme comes from Chan’s appearance at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival for his movie “The Myth”. According to Know Your Meme, the image has become part of the “My Brain is Full of Fuck” memes trend as well as the “palm face” meme. A drawing of Chan with his hands above his head is often used in response to an online post that has been “deemed unworthy or unnecessary, meaning his brain has been severely affected by the stupidity to which he has been exposed” .

Jackie Chan at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival - "The Myth"  Press conference at Sutton Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jackie Chan at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival – “The Myth” Press Conference at Sutton Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. John Shearer / WireImage

T-Pain had the meme tattooed on his hand in July 2012. According to Vice, the singer posted a since-deleted photo of new ink on his Instagram page with the caption: “What does Reddit think of my ultimate palm tattoo? on the face ? “

In 2013, Chan posted a version of the meme on his Facebook page, adding text that read, “Am I an Internet meme?

T-Pain is no stranger to internet inspired tattoos. In 2011, he tweeted about a Facebook-inspired tattoo of a “Like” button with accompanying text that reads “You don’t have to like me”.

T-Pain currently has at least 12 tattoos, including a neck tattoo that says “tattoo” according to Body Art Guru.

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