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Main office: Avda. Doctor Meca, 107 local 3 30860 Puerto de Mazarron Murcia – Espana

Phone : (00 34) 968 595 826 Pto Mazarron 968 175 552 La Manga


PALS Solicitor for the most trusted tax, assignee and estate advice on the Costa Cálida

Multilingual staff assist residents and non-residents in offices in Puerto de Mazarrón and La Manga

With over 20 years of experience helping residents and non-residents of the Costa Cálida with all their property transfer, tax, inheritance and family law needs, the team at PALS Solicitor has become one of the most trusted in the Region of Murcia.

The multilingual staff at the Puerto de Mazarrón and La Manga del Mar Menor offices bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that can only be acquired through years of experience to assist you in an accurate, efficient, measured and friendly manner. way, whether to manage your tax burden, complete the sale or purchase of a property, ensure you have a valid will to cover your assets in Spain or any other of the many hurdles and hurdles that living in Spain sometimes seems to imply .

The vision of PALS (Professional and Legal Solutions) is to offer the most inclusive tax and legal services in Murcia, always providing clear and affordable advice in order to simplify what could otherwise be paperwork and bureaucracy for you. intimidating. Languages ​​spoken by PALS experts include not only Spanish and English, but also French, German, Dutch and Swedish, making them accessible to the vast majority of non-Spaniards with interests. in the Costa Calida.

The main services offered include the following:

PALS Lawyer Costa Calida MurciaReal estate law and transfer

PALS has handled countless property sales and purchases over the years, but their property services are not limited to conveyancing. They can also help find the right property, arrange financing‚ obtain a NIE number, open a Spanish bank account, ensure due diligence, overcome potential post-Brexit difficulties (such as the requirement for UK nationals to obtain a military permit if they buy certain properties on the Costa Cálida!) and even helping to organize repairs and renovations once the property is yours!

And in carrying out the transactions, PALS accompanies you to the notary to check the deeds before signing, take all the measures so that the tax obligations are correctly fulfilled and register the deeds in the Land Registry.

The team also has experience in dealing with controversial mortgage rate “floor clauses” that have been included in many loan terms in the past, protecting the interests of clients against lending banks.

Also, if you are thinking of renting out your Spanish home, it is essential to ensure that you are doing so legally, and again PALS can help you set it all up quickly, easily and with minimal hassle.

PALS Lawyer Costa Calida MurciaTaxation and Accounting

Taxation in Spain can be a complex subject, and at a time when the current Spanish tax system is regularly subject to revisions on issues related to Brexit, globalization and even the popularity of cryptocurrency, it is particularly important to ensure that your business is up to date with the latest requirements.

PALS will take care of all legalities regarding tax residency in Spain, legal tax obligations for residents and non-residents and property taxes, ensuring that tax declarations are filed on time and that no surcharges or other unpleasant surprises is incurred.

Estates and wills

Arranging a will and inheritance for your estate in Spain is of the utmost importance, but many people do not make the necessary arrangements for the distribution of their assets.

At PALS, making a will couldn’t be easier: just explain your preferences to the staff and they will produce the necessary document – ​​in two languages ​​if necessary – leaving you only to sign it before a notary.

Proxy/representation service

If you are planning to be away from Spain for long periods of time, or just want to take away much of the stress of buying and owning property in Spain, why not let PALS help you ?

Many clients take advantage of PALS’ “power of attorney”, allowing them to represent their interests.

Other legal advice

PALS also provides a wide variety of legal, accounting, tax, and labor relations services, including but not limited to general contracts, family law, evictions, traffic matters, and monetary claims. .

All of the above services are tailored to each client’s needs: contact PALS now and make an appointment to discuss how they can help you enjoy your property and your life in Spain!

Main office : Avda. Doctor Mech, 107
Local 3 Port of Mazarrón
Murcia 30860 – Spain

Email: [email protected]
Direct line (00 34) 968 595 826
Fax (00 34) 968 595 827

Second office: Gran Vía, MM, 49 (in front of exit 12) 30380 La Manga
Cartagena – Spain

E-mail: [email protected]

Direct line (00 34) 968 175 552
Fax (00 34) 968 175 551

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