Shang-Chi: Every Team He’s Been In The Comics On

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just got introduced to the latest member of the Avengers in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, which brought the hero to the big screen for the first time. However, as the film explored Shang-Chi’s origins, it never showed him officially joining the team despite Marvel Studios welcoming him as a new member.

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Shang-Chi in the comics is perhaps best known as a solo hero, although he has joined quite a few teams over the years. A good place to start for discovering this new addition is to dive deep into the character’s sometimes confusing story and take a closer look at the teams he’s joined since his first appearance in the 1973s. Marvel Special Edition # 15.

ten Shang-Chi was unknowingly raised in the celestial order of Si-Fan

Shang-Chi and the Assassins of the Heavenly Order of the Si-Fan

Many of Shang-Chi’s origins have been revived over the years due to the original inclusion of problematic character Fu Manchu as his father in his early appearances. Fu Manchu was the head of a secret criminal organization known as the Heavenly Order of Si-Fan.

Shang-Chi was raised as a warrior under his father, although it was not until adulthood that he learned the truth about his father’s criminal ties and his own membership in the Celestial Order of the Si-Fan. Shang-Chi rebelled after his father sent him on an assassination for the Heavenly Order and he left the group so he could bring him down.

9 British MI-6 Secret Service Helped Shang-Chi With Si-Fan

Shang-Chi and his MI6 allies

Shang-Chi found a few allies after turning to his father’s criminal empire, which eventually saw him ally with the British Secret Service. He worked with the two branches known as MI-5 and MI-6 in his quest to bring down Fu Manchu and the Heavenly Order.

Shang-Chi worked as a spy agent for years before retiring, although he returned to help MI-6 when they encountered Si-Fan’s deadly assassins in the “Crossing Lines” storyline. of Marvel Comics presents.

8 Shang-Chi worked with two different lists of Marvel heroes for hire

Shang-Chi and the heroes for hire

Luke Cage and Iron Fist were Marvel’s first heroes to hire, although they expanded the team in the 90s. Namor’s Oracle Corporation funded the new team after the loss of heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four during the Onslaught incident.

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Shang-Chi helped this version of Heroes for Hire a few times because it had a rotating roster. Shang-Chi returned to the squad in a more official title after Civil war when he was revamped by Misty Knight, and he worked with other heroes like Colleen Wing, Black Cat, Tarantula, Humbug, and Orka.

7 He briefly worked with Daredevil’s unnamed superhero team in Marvel Knights

Marvel Shang-Chi Knights

The Marvel Knights The Banner has helped revive a few Marvel characters with grainy new stories, although the actual series saw Daredevil build his own team of street-level heroes. They were tasked with preventing the Punisher from turning New York into a war zone with his war on crime.

Shang-Chi joined characters like Black Widow, Dagger, Luke Cage, and Moon Knight in the Unnamed Superhero Team, though they eventually disbanded after failing to take down the Punisher, resulting in a series of setbacks and injuries.

6 Captain America’s Secret Avengers helped Shang-Chi with the Shadow Council

Shang-Chi Secret Avengers

Shang-Chi’s original father, Fu Manchu, was incredibly controversial due to the character’s racist conception. His origins were therefore restored and the new character Zheng Zu was created. Zheng Zu was an ancient wizard who adopted the appearance of Fu Manchu in the modern era before his death.

Shang-Chi started working with Captain America’s Secret avengers team when the villainous Shadow Council attempted to resurrect Zheng Zu. He joined other characters like Black Widow, Moon Knight, Beast, Ant-Man, War Machine, Valkyrie and even the cosmic hero Nova.

5 Shang-Chi joined the Avengers when the team grew during Marvel NOW!

When Jonathan Hickman took over the Avengers at Marvel NOW! at the time, he expanded the roster of the team as they planned to grow in order to save the world. It was called the Avengers Machine, a new idea from Tony Stark about assembling the right heroes for the right job.

Shang-Chi’s work with the Secret Avengers led to his inclusion in the team with one of its most important and powerful rosters. Shang-Chi briefly acquired a new superpower that allowed him to create duplicates of himself while working on creating a Avengers World, and he would later work with Sunspot’s Avengers Idea Mechanics during the “Time Runs Out” storyline.

4 He worked with the protectors during Amadeus Cho’s time as the Hulk

Shang-Chi and the protectors

The team that would become known as Protectors first came together for a charity event for bone marrow donors of Asian-American descent. Shang-Chi joined Champions members like Ms. Marvel and Amadeus Cho during her brief tenure as Totally awesome hulk before taking on his new Brawn form.

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Other heroes like Silk, SHIELD agent Jake Oh, and Atlas leader Jimmy Woo also helped train the Protectors when they were drawn into battle with Seknarf Seven’s alien Imperial Guard which united again. the team.

3 Shang-Chi joined The Avengers Underground during the Secret Empire event

Shang-Chi and Secret Empire's Underground

While fans were taken aback by the reveal of Captain America’s “Hail Hydra” before the Secret Empire Eventually, the superhuman community was also shocked when the evil Steve Rogers corrupted his own team of Avengers to help expand Hydra’s reign across the land.

Hawkeye began to rally a resistance known as the Underground who fought against Hydra and her Avengers. Shang-Chi was first captured and tortured by Hydra before being rescued by the Underground, then joined the fight against the evil Captain America and his Hydra army.

2 He joined the new agents of Jimmy Woo’s Atlas team during the War of the Realms

Shang-Chi and the Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas were originally assembled by SHIELD Agent Jimmy Woo in the 1950s, which ultimately led to his youthful rejuvenation in the modern era thanks to the original Marvel Boy. Young Jimmy Woo reformed the Agents of Atlas for a brief period before they went their separate ways again.

Woo then reformed the agents of Atlas for The war of the kingdoms using members of the Protectors and other new AAPI heroes like Io, Sword Master, Wave, White Fox, Aero, Luna Snow and the new Giant-Man. Shang-Chi ultimately left the team due to disagreements with Woo over his questionable choices that put team members in danger.

1 Shang-Chi recently became the leader of the Secret Five Weapons Society

Shang-Chi and the organization of the five secret weapons

Shang-Chi first learned of the existence of previously unknown siblings who protected him from assassins sent by his evil father’s criminal organization. While originally known as the Heavenly Order of the Si-Fan, Shang-Chi learned that the real group was secretly known as the Society of Five Arms.

He had been chosen to be the new leader and had maneuvered into battle against his sister. Shang-Chi also learned that he was one of the House Champions of the Five Weapons Society along with other warriors named Brother Saber, Sister Dagger, and Sister Staff. He took supreme command and used his father’s criminal organization for good in his new role as Brother Hand.

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