Scot Gets Incredibly Realistic Stranger Tattoo After Sliding Into His DMs To Ask For Permission

A SCOT was inked with an incredibly realistic drawing of an American alien – after slipping into his DMs to ask for permission.

Alexus Crown, from Dallas, Texas, shared the surprisingly realistic sketch of her on the leg of a Scottish man she has never met before.


Scottish man got complete stranger tattoo on leg
Alexus shared the amazing art on Twitter


Alexus shared the amazing art on Twitter

She revealed that he appeared at random in her posts asking for her blessing in making very personalized body art.

Alexus agreed but says she didn’t take the request seriously – until she was sent a photo of the stunning tattoo.

The man claimed he had “one of Scotland’s best artists” to do it – who turned out to be Edinburgh-based David Corden, who also shared his work on his own Instagram.

Alexus joked that he was now pressuring her husband to get an organ tattoo.

I’m a mom of four, 40 and every inch of my body is covered in tattoos – I’m proud to show them off

Sharing ink next to a real photo of her to emphasize the likeness, she tweeted, “This guy asked for a tattoo for me months ago. Ppl being in the DM is weird so I don’t. haven’t taken it seriously.

“Lol oh but he was very serious and apparently asked one of Scotland’s top tattoo artists to do it.

“My husband must be getting an organ tattoo now lol.”

She added, “Everyone keeps asking me how I feel lol. It’s flattering but I don’t care too.

“I’m not scared and it wasn’t that bad for me lol bc he’s in a different country.

“People have portraits of women on shirts and tattoos all the time. These are people’s faces lol. Thanks for your concern.”

Weird or nice?

There has been a mixed reaction on Twitter, with some users finding the whole thing “weird” but others defending it.

One user said, “I would freak out if a stranger got me a tattoo.

“I would have a whole army guarding my house.

Another added: “A lot of people have been killed by their obsessive fans. There’s nothing to be happy about, you should be worried.

“Who’s doing that? A photo of a stranger.”

But another said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t find this weird? People walking around with tattoos of Jesus when no one even knows what this man looked like.

“People have loads of pizzazz / things that they find beautiful all the time – flowers to ordinary people. It could have gone away but it came out clean.”

Another added: “Her image had a unique style. So the tattoo was more for the style than for her, personally ..”

Several others praised David’s handiwork and vowed to travel from Scotland to the United States to let them ink them.

We recounted how a Scottish tattoo parlor left a scathing response to a cheeky customer who threatened to leave a bad review after failing to take care of his new ink.

Staff at the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow retaliated by calling the client “fucking shit” for listening to his father rather than the professional artist in follow-up.

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