RTL Today – ‘Ukraine is calling’: International initiative to raise money for ambulances and fire trucks needed in war-torn Ukraine

Ukraine is raising funds to send ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine where they are urgently needed to save the lives of civilians who are bombed and shelled every day.

More than 2,000 ambulances and fire trucks have already been destroyed, even more damaged, explained Inna Yaremento and Olena Klopota who were invited on The Sam Steen Show on RTL Today Radio.

A fully equipped ready-made ambulance costs around €100,000, a fire engine around €300,000.

Ukraine asbl therefore launched the first stage of a major international fundraising campaign in october in Luxembourgwith the aim of raising up to 10 million euros.

According to Inna and Olena, Luxembourg is the first country to launch the “Ukraine is calling” campaign, because there is great support from the media and partners in general. Ukraine also has a partnership with the Interior Ministry, which will provide eight ambulances to the cause.

Over the past year, Luxembourg has already sent 14 ambulances, two of which are already destroyed. “These things don’t last long during the war,” the women further explained.

The first ambulance ever sent from Luxembourg to Ukraine was during the first invasion in 2014, so the idea of ​​sending ambulances and fire engines is not something new.

Now that the campaign has been launched in Luxembourg, other countries such as the United States, Belgium, France and Germany will follow, since each of these countries has a Ukrainian association ready to donate their time and efforts. to cause.

“We are often asked what our background is, but we are a team of volunteers. We have no experience in fundraising or dispatching ambulances. This is not a job, this is our life We will do everything we can to help and save lives.”

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can find more information on the ukrainescalling.com website. You will find additional information on fundraising. Donations can be made via paypal, credit cards and bank transfers.

If you want to support the cause or support refugees by raising funds, you can do that too. Ukraine was also supported by schools, businesses and other associations. You can contact Ukraine on their website for more information.

You can listen to the full interview at RTL playback or via the player below.

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