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Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that all households in Bands A-D will receive a council tax refund of £150 as well as £200 for later energy bills. It is hoped that the money will help ease the financial hardship caused by the cost of living crisis.

People who pay by direct debit will receive the reimbursement of the housing tax earlier than others because the municipalities already have their bank details on their systems.

Martyn James of consumer rights website Resolver said: ‘Current advice is to check your local council’s website where there should be any updates.

While some people will be desperate to get the refund, Britons are being warned not to fall for a council tax refund scam that is doing the rounds.

They are reminded that councils would never cold call someone asking for their bank details over the phone.

The municipal tax brackets are based on the value of the dwellings on April 1, 1991.

Group A – property value up to £40,000
Group B – property value over £40,000 and up to £52,000
Band C – property value over £52,000 and up to £68,000
Band D – property value over £68,000 and up to £88,000
Bracket E – property value over £88,000 and up to £120,000
Bracket F – property value over £120,000 and up to £160,000
Group G – property value over £160,000 and up to £320,000
Band H – property value over £320,000.

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