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Manhattan: I urge every responsible New Yorker to do their own research before entering the voting booth on Tuesday. GOP darling and Donald Trump sidekick Lee Zeldin is on the campaign trail, desperately trying to portray himself as a moderate Republican when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As he feverishly tries to reinvent himself (temporarily, I can assure you) as someone who considers New York’s current abortion laws “settled” (sound familiar?), His record proves quite conclusively that he is almost bigoted in his opposition to women’s politics. rights.

While Zeldin may attempt to hide the facts, his record doesn’t lie. He has stated unequivocally that he supports a total ban on abortion, with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother. He once pledged to vote against all abortion funding and promised to deny funding to Planned Parenthood. He voted against providing birth control and family planning services to the armed forces, to ban private abortion insurance coverage, and to block its federal funding. In May he spoke to an anti-abortion group, telling them that if elected he planned to appoint a “pro-life health commissioner, unlike what we are used to”.

Meanwhile, his list of campaign contributors reads like a who’s who of the most rabid right-wing pro-insurgents and includes thousands of dollars worth of documents from Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan. We’re hardly talking about mainstream here. Is this really the guy we want to run New York? Anne Stockton

Mohegan Lake, NY: It is absurd to think that a single candidate, regardless of party affiliation, will be an instant panacea for the crime that is so rampant these days. Obviously, most crimes are committed by unbalanced and indifferent individuals who ignore reason and threats of punishment. No one running for office is in favor of crime. Lee Zeldin’s draconian threats will not deter criminals, whose behavior is irrational. Responding to fossil fuel interests will do more harm to voters and the planet than all violent criminals combined. Unless we work together to prolong the life of our planet, all other issues are moot. Jane Sims

Manhattan: Voicer Fred Schoeneborn wrote that if someone could show him where in the Constitution it says “your right to abortion is guaranteed,” he would “become a liberal!” Well, my right to bodily autonomy and to abortion is indeed guaranteed in the Constitution: it’s in the Ninth, 13th and 14th Amendments. The ninth states that I have civil and human rights not specified in the Constitution; number 13 states that I cannot be forced into labor or slavery, including sexual slavery; and 14 states that all people (including different races, religions and genders) are guaranteed the same protections under the law. So my rights are guaranteed right next to Schoeneborn’s right to penis enlargement, Viagra, Peyronie’s disease cures and prostate surgery. Schoeneborn would know all of this if only he read and understood the Constitution. Sam Katz

Jamaica: Have you all read how Republicans and Conservatives don’t want people to vote by mail (“Court Upholds New York’s Mail-in Ballot Laws”, November 3)? And these are the people you want in the office? These are people who are liars and deniers. They want to take away our right to vote, what else do they want to take away from us? Oh yeah – our democracy, social security and medicare, and that’s really sad. God bless America! Charlene Noir

Chappaqua, NY: Talk about inarticulate – I’d vote for John Fetterman any day on the likes of Herschel Walker because it’s not just about being understood, it’s about character and background . Renee Pollard

Utica, NY: To Voicer Mike Armstrong, Who Wanted President Biden’s Taxes Investigated: Where Do You Get Your News From? Fox News? How do you know the Bidens are getting millions of dollars from foreign countries? Your crystal ball? If it’s from Fox News, then you’re very gullible. The channel gives only its opinions, not facts. If you want to believe them, that’s your problem. The reason you haven’t heard it from the “media” is that it doesn’t exist. Biden’s tax returns have long been made public, unlike his predecessor. By the way, did you write why Donald Trump still hasn’t released his taxes? Francisco Matos

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Cincinnati: Trump and schoolyard bully Marge Greene have the same fans. Trump’s legacy will show that the majority of his followers are uneducated and racist. That’s why he’s still angry. They’re people he’s probably made fun of all his life, but now they’re all he’s got. Greene is the shining example of how easy it is to get these people on your side. Preach hate and white power. It’s so easy. Attention Christians: Jesus speaks of peace and love. Satan speaks of rage and hatred. Mark Jesse

Hackensack, NJ: I was heartbroken reading the story of a baker locked in a freezer overnight (“Dies Trapped in Freezer,” November 4). How is it legal or possible to operate a walk-in freezer without a means of escape in such an emergency? The worker’s death was entirely preventable. What a tragedy. Richard A.Naumann

Manhattan: The Commission to Reimagine the Future of New York Courts has a Pandemic Practices Task Force led by Judge Craig J. Doran. It seeks to assess the technology, practices and policies adopted by state courts in response to the pandemic. It seeks input from stakeholders in the New York courts. The deadline for submission is November 7. Unfortunately, the Hearing Panel will not accept any comments, written or oral, regarding individual cases, judges or attorneys. I have a long standing Housing Court case in the Queens State Supreme Court. The case was severely impacted and repeatedly postponed as I requested an in-person hearing rather than virtual appearances via Zoom. In the meantime, I live in a shelter. I wanted to testify before the task force about how my case is being handled, but if the panel does not hear individual cases involving judges, how can I make my voice heard? Cecile Gullas

Merion Station, Pennsylvania: Preparation for the massive 1938 pogrom known as Kristallnacht, whose 84th anniversary is November 9, involved much anti-Semitic rhetoric and some violence long before that deadly night of terror was unleashed on Jews across Germany and Austria. In America today, a former president, a politician running for governor of Pennsylvania, a billionaire rapper/clothing mogul, a basketball star and several members of Congress share little in common, exception of various anti-Semitic tropes they spread. I’m not saying America 2022 is Germany 1938, but again, my synagogue alerted me that the FBI had received “credible information about a broad threat to synagogues” in New Jersey. Paul L. Newman

Plainview, LI: Given all the evil that anti-Semite/anti-sensitive/anti-Semper Fidelis Kyrie Irving has falsely associated with Jews, I will deliberately and misleadingly associate him with the KKK (“Kyrie, Koach-Killer”) . As for Irving’s dishonest claim that “I can’t be an anti-Semite if I know where I’m from”, I would like to point out that the killer of 6 million Jews Adolf Hitler undoubtedly knew he was from Braunau, Austria, where he was born. And who knows if the recent “credible threat” against Jewish synagogues in New Jersey is an indirect result of this Kurrent Kyrie Karnival? Richard Siegelmann

Brooklyn: Why can’t we solve homelessness in our city, but can we let thousands of immigrants into our overcrowded city, feed them, clothe them, and find them housing? Linda Guidice

Boynton Beach, Florida: Nikolas Cruz has admitted to killing 17 beautiful children and is serving life in prison. Where is the justice for these children and their parents? How is this fair and acceptable? Sheri Scharf

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