Ratcatcher’s fate is so much more twisted in DC Comics

In the new Arkham City: The Order of the World series, the original Ratcatcher makes a surprise appearance. Unfortunately, things are not going well.

Warning! Spoilers for Arkham City: World Order # 1 by DC Comics below

The original Rat hunter just made a surprise reappearance in the pages of DC Comics, and The Suicide Squad the bad guy is not in great shape. In the first issue of Arkham City: World Order # 1, Dr Jacosta Joy helps Gotham Police Department round up escaped patients. Unfortunately, when she meets Ratcatcher, she discovers that he has almost completely lost his mind.

Gotham City’s A-Day was one of the most destructive moments in the city’s history. Arkham Asylum and its patients were hit by an explosion that killed hundreds, including villainous Bane, Shrike and Film Freak. In his wake, Gotham mayor Christopher Nakano would be forced to work with Simon Saint to implement the magistrate and peacekeeper force to protect the city from masked vigilantes and criminals. In a new comic, Arkham Asylum’s last doctor, Jacosta Joy, is tasked with helping bring in his former patients.

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In Arkham City: World Order # 1 by Dan Watters, Dani, Dave Stewart and Aditya Bidikar, the comic opens with Joy visiting a young girl in her bedroom as she tries to calm her down. Joy recounts how the girl’s cat went missing, a key detail that Ratcatcher was after her. Joy finds the villain armed with a knife hidden under the girl’s bed, and when he emerges, he tells her that he has to eat the child. Sadly, Otis Flannegan has lost his mind as he thinks he’s a rat – even making squeaks – as he says Amadeus Arkham isn’t looking for creatures.

DC Comics Rat Catcher

Ultimately, the Gotham PD shoots Ratcatcher thinking he’s about to harm Joy and the girl. However, Joy sympathizes with Flannegan, who clearly lost her mind after escaping Arkham Asylum. She suggests that Ratcatcher should stay in a dark, quiet room which will help him stay calm. But, with Arkham Asylum not yet rebuilt, Ratcatcher is destined for Blackgate Prison, where those accommodations are unlikely to be satisfied.

Joy thinks Ratcatcher is sick and has no place in prison. It is evident that the former Batman villain struggled with his mental state after escaping Arkham Asylum and the structure and treatment he received inside the Mental Hospital l ‘were helping to fight his own demons. Without it, his mind tells him that he is a rat who must eat children. Whereas Ratcatcher was last seen in The suicide squad share knowledge and inspire Rat hunter 2 before his drug overdose, his fate in the comics is much more twisted. Trying to eat kids is a tight turn, even for a bad guy. Arkham City: World Order # 1 is now in comic book stores.

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