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The regular meeting of the County Commissioners Council was opened by President William J Novotny, III at 9:00 am on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Commissioners Linda Greenough and Robert Perry, Assistant Commissioner Ashlea Bassett, Deputy County District Attorney Barry were present. Crago, County Attorney Tucker Ruby, Evaluator Deb Robinson and County Clerk Vicki Edelman.

Perry moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of September 7, 2021. Greenough supported; motion carried.

Greenough proposed to authorize President Novotny to sign resolution # 669, a resolution to increase the FY21-22 budget by an amount of $ 64,500.00. Perry pressed; motion carried.

Dr Mark Schueler and County Attorney Tucker Ruby met with the commissioners to discuss the proposed rules and regulations for body art. This item will be moved to the October 19 meeting for further discussion.

After discussion, Perry proposed to allow President Novotny to sign Resolution # 670, a resolution allowing cemetery district employees to participate in the Johnson County Employee Health Plan. Greenough supported; motion carried.

Greenough proposed to authorize President Novotny to sign the FLAP MOA and the fund transfer agreement. Perry pressed; motion carried. Roads and Bridges Supervisor Scott Pehringer said the cost of the twinning to the county for this project would be around $ 193,000.00.

Perry proposed lifting the hiring freeze for the clerk’s office and the commissioner’s office.

Greenough supported; motion carried.

Greenough offered to authorize President Novotny to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between the Wyoming Supreme Court and Johnson County, as presented by District Court Clerk Paige Rhoads. Perry pressed; motion carried.

The following tax cuts for 2021 were approved by motion: # 3107 Perry Memorial Baptist Church $ 469.32; # 3106 Joel & Dee Williamson $ 2,152.61; # 3097 Wayne Nelson Trust $ 110.55; # 3098 John G and Carol Voigt Jenkins $ 110.55; # 3099 Olin L & Lynne R Trusts $ 110.55; # 3100 Entrust to New Directions IRA, Inc $ 110.55; # 3101 James and Susan L Rupp $ 110.55; # 3102 Sandra M Nelson Trust $ 110.55; # 3104 John P Iberlin Jr $ 110.55; # 3108 John P Iberlin Jr $ 110.55; and # 3105 Michael R & Mary E Trusts $ 110.55.

Greenough proposed to authorize President Novotny to sign the 2020-2022 EMPG grant in the amount of $ 40,085.05. Perry pressed; motion carried. Marilyn Connolly also discussed the Wyoming Public Radio deal with the Commissioners, which will be postponed until the October 21 meeting.

Greenough proposed to approve attorney fees paid on behalf of the county’s interests in mining bankruptcies in the amount of $ 35,026.73. Perry pressed; motion carried.

Perry proposed to approve the September bonds in the amount of $ 416,847.66. Greenough supported; motion carried.

Town planner Waller has presented the proposed new subdivision by-law, which has been the subject of a public hearing, to the Commissioners for their consideration. They will be on the agenda either October 21 or November 2 for a final decision.

Perry moved to enter the executive session regarding the potential litigation at 10:40 a.m. Greenough supported; motion carried. The regular meeting resumed at 11:22 a.m.

Perry has called for Johnson County to join the opioid class action lawsuit. Greenough supported; motion carried.

The following vouchers have been paid:

Total wages, health insurance benefits, deductions-617 547.82; AARMS-Guide195.00; Ace Hardware-Suply 335.29; Alsco-Suply433.56; AT&T Mobility-Cell phones479.90; Bob Barker Co-Suply809.33; Big Horn Coop-Fuel, suplys 1,203.82; Big Horn Coop Marketing-Cardtrol-4,777.86; Big Horn Tire-Labor377.91; Carla Bishop-Reimb99.98; Black Hills Chemical-Suply178.96; Brittnee Borgialli-Reimb69.44; Bufalo Building Center-Suply24.90; Buffalo Bulletin-Ads825.00; City of Buffalo-Water, CJC 3,939.30; Capital Business Systems, Inc-Maint85.00; Casper Star-Ad177.92; Cate Rental & Sales-Rent165.29; CDW Government-Labor, suply1,060.68; Cenex Fleet card-Fuel-1504.64; Century Link-Telephone 2.052.10; Chapman Valdez & Lansing-Attys fees435.39; Chesbro Electric-Equip827.00; Clear Creek Printers -Supply257.87; Compass Center for Families-1% -11,000.00; Barry Crago-Reimb78.00; DH Technologies-Labor194.00; Dales Tire & Retread-Tires6,638.00.00; Digeteks-Contract, suplys, labor28,178.37; DJ’s Thriftway-Suply12. 87; Eagle Summit Dental-Prsnr care740.00; Jeff Eaton-Labor360.75; Elm Construction-Labor 8,957.98; Employment Testing Services-Tests486.00; Family Crisis Center-ERAP reimburse278.96; Fastenal Co-Suply81.95 ; Arianna Fischer -Reimb31.47; Floyds Truck Center-Parts25.92; Forensic Consulting LLC-Morgue 1,083.00; Glaxo-Smith Kline-Vaccine 4,578.45; Great Divide Fabrication-Contracts 19,757.97; Mapping-Labor de Greenwood 975.00; Florencia Gullick-Labor210.00; Bill Hawley-Reimb324.80; Jake the Shredder Guy-Labor30.00; JC Parts & Repair-Labor 412.60; Johnson County Aviation-Contract reimb2,640.00; Johnson County Fire – Equip 1,696.50; JoCo Healthcare Center-Contract, testing13,003.78; JoCo Library-1% -20,000.00; JC Search & Rescue-Equip15,000.00; Jo Co Reimb-Rent200.00; Jo Cty Emp Disability-Prem 500.00 ; JoCo Emp Health Plan -Reimb 1.752.73; JC Solid Waste-Airport trash23.25; Kars Kustom Painting-Laboe4.059.26; City of Kaycee-Wtr, contract9,280.98; KBJ Econ Develop-Marketing13,457.72; Kerns & Bunting- Attys fee 75.00; Kirven and Kirven-Attys fees100.00; Ins. Michelena Auto-Parts 1,535.48; Montana Dakota Utilities-Utilities1,183.64; Mountain Alarm-Monitoring 61.05; Mountain Auto Suply-Parts16.81; Mountain Plains Heritage Park-Ins250.00; Mr R’s Auto Salvage-Parts60.00; Myers Construction-Labor 19,300.00; Nelson Engineering-Contract1815.25; NORCO-Supply 422.15; Northern Wy Mental Health-Contrat8 497.10; Bill Novotny-Reimb430.08; O’Reilly Auto Parts-Parts20.70; Office Shop-Maint, copies336.02; Office Shop Lease473.44; Oil X Change-Labor169.06; Peak Pest Solutions-Labor246.75; Powder River Energy-Utilities2,604.38; Powder River Heating & AC-Labor 2,774.67; Prescription Shop-Prsnr Meds1,404.51; Preventive Health and Safety-Suply157.00; Range-Telephone-5 253.47; Redwood Toxicology Lab-Suply213.75; Reed Smith, LLP-Attys fees1,885.55; RELX Inc-Law Materials-150.00; Paige Rhoads-Reimb118.68; Rocky Mtn Equip Brokers-Labor9,730.06; Rocky Mtn Fire Systems-Contracts900.00; Rocky Mtn Industrial Suply-Med suplys2. 042.64; Rocky Mountain Power-Utilities8,285.22; RT Communications-Telephones430.45; Tucker Ruby-Reimb109.66; Servall-Suply51.12; Sheridan County-Rent509.25; SHI International-Support, Equip 7,655.95; Simon Contractors -Labor45 573.75; Sports Lure-Cards60.00; Squeeky Kleen Car Wash-Wash146.60; St Francis Animal Shelter-Contract, 1% -15.300.00; Stericycle-Med waste417.21; Shelsea Strutz-Reimb60.67; Superior Automotive-Labor325.46; Swedish Work Extinguisher318.75; Team Lab Supply 1,755.00; Titan RentalsRent 2,070.00; Toms Tire & Repair-Labor17.00; Transunion Risk & Alternative-Data165.0 0; Tyler Technologies-Support42,735.17; UW Cooperative Extension Service-Qtrly 5,608.50; US Food Service-Prsnr food, supply 8,779.98; Verizon Wireless-Cell-672.94; VISA / Sheriff-Meals, Ldging, Labor, Maint 1,939.90; VISA / Sheriff Emp- Suply, dog 134.69; VISA / First Bank Card-Parts, supply, equipment, accommodation, meals, fuel-4,883.19; VISA / Detention-Prsnr meds, meal-918.76; VISA / PH-Suply, Pstge4,851.46; Visionionary-Wireless402.21; VOA-Contracts7,921.01; WACO-Dues225.00; James Waller-Reimb60.48; Watch Guard Digital-Suply45.00; Water Products Inc-Water, rent75.00; Western Detention-Suply54.00; Michael B Whitaker-Reimb100.80; Mark Wilson-Reimb39.98; Worldwash-Labor850 .00; Jill Wright-Labor400.00; Wy Law Enforcement Academy-Trning-SS-819.25; Wyoming Machinery-Parts, suply322.21; Xerox Corp-Maint 825.18; Charlotte Yenney-Caretaker432.00.

Perry proposed to adjourn the meeting at 11:25 a.m. Greenough supported; motion carried.

William J Novotny III, president

Certification: Vicki Edelman, County Clerk

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