Nightwing failed in Bludhaven worse than fans ever imagined

Nightwing’s loyalty to Batman left a body count for Blüdhaven, evident in a startling reveal from Detective Comics # 1039.

Warning: spoilers for Detective Comics # 1039 are coming.

Night wing has established himself as a DC Comics hero independent of his former mentor, Batman, and nowhere is that clearer than in his move to Blüdhaven from Gotham City. A few miles from Gotham, Blüdhaven is an ancient whaling town with similar issues of crime and violence, with an even more disturbing layer. While the villains of Gotham would be consumed by some sort of “madness”, the villains of Blüdhaven are cruel for the sake of being cruel, as Nightwing points out in Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott. Night wing # 78. And while Gotham City’s villain problem has necessitated the existence of Batman and other heroes who help protect the city, Blüdhaven is mostly protected by Nightwing only. As one can imagine, leaving the security of a city in the hands of one man comes with its share of risks, as a story Detective Comics # 1039 has finally revealed.

The life and times of Hue Vile of writer and artist T. Rex, colorist Simon Gough and scholar Dave Wielgosz delves into the personal history of Gotham City’s New Villain. After being infected with a parasitic bug that feeds on violence as a child, Hue Vile moved to Gotham City to make the most of the city’s existing problems. As Hue Vile moved closer to his plan to make Gotham his feeding ground, he made use of the fact that Blüdhaven was so often left defenseless by Nightwing whenever Dick Grayson was called back to Gotham City by Batman. With Nightwing away from Blüdhaven, Vile could more easily feed himself while remaining hidden from the authorities.

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This secret history Hue Vile has with Blüdhaven touches on long-standing tensions between Nightwing and Batman over Dick Grayson’s departure from Gotham. While Nightwing has been one of Batman’s closest allies for several decades, there is a cost that Blüdhaven pays whenever their primary protector is called in by Batman. Although Blüdhaven is a much smaller city than Gotham, the extent of its problems cannot be ignored and the suffering of its people is just as important to consider.

Nightwing and Batman by Jim Lee

Currently, in Nightwing’s solo series, he has dedicated himself to becoming Blüdhaven’s “safety net”, and while this is an achievable goal for him, it is one that he must be able to pursue without being at risk. out of town again by Batman. Become a billionaire overnight after receiving an inheritance from Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson now has the unprecedented opportunity to do for Blüdhaven what he always thought Bruce Wayne should have done with Gotham City. But if Batman continues to call Nightwing for help in Gotham City, he’ll never be able to fully protect the innocent people in Blüdhaven, as there is a body count left by his absence.

Gotham City looms large in DC Comics due to its reputation as a place infested by some of the world’s worst criminals, but as Dick Grayson’s activities at Blüdhaven demonstrate, Gotham is far from the only place that needs people to protect its innocent citizens. and address its systemic inequalities. While the situation in Gotham is dire, the current situation Night wing run showed how so many of Blüdhaven’s issues go unnoticed, as the city doesn’t get the same kind of attention as Gotham. This makes Batman’s call to Nightwing from Blüdhaven even more blatant, as not only is he his city’s main vigilante, but he’s also based in a city whose issues would never be resolved without his presence in the first place. From this it is clear that for Night wing to be the hero Blüdhaven needs, he must leave behind his steadfast loyalty to Batman.

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