Naver Webtoon signs deals with Hybe and DC Comics

Kim Joon-ku, CEO of Naver Webtoon (Naver)

Naver’s storytelling and comics platform has the most creators and users in the world. Some 6 million creators are registered on Naver Webtoon and its recently acquired Wattpad, and up to 167 million users visit the sites each month.

The fact that Naver’s storytelling arm has a large pool of creators and a global fandom attracts the world’s largest entertainment companies with high-value intellectual property and interested in transforming their characters or stories. in web comics.

Naver announced at a press conference last month a “super casting” program, where the creators of the company’s storytech platform create original content based on external intellectual properties and unveil them.

Hybe, who manages the K-pop phenomenon BTS, and DC Comics were selected as the program’s first partners.

New original webtoon content based on DC Comics characters such as Batman and Superman could be released through Naver’s storytech platform in the future.

Naver is optimistic, as BTS and Batman already have global fandoms, and Naver has managed to turn web novels like “The Remarried Empress” and “Omniscient Reader” into webtoons on a global scale.

As the largest entertainment companies participate in Naver Webtoon’s intellectual property value chain, the company is expected to consolidate its prominence in the storytelling industry.

Naver Webtoon says it is the only global storytech platform to combine a YouTube model where amateur content is uploaded and a Netflix model that produces original content from the creators of “Webtoon Originals”.

Naver’s Webtoon Canvas, where anyone can download webcomics they’ve created, is the first of its kind in the industry.

“Anyone in the webtoon market can temporarily increase revenue from paid subscriptions by spending more on marketing, but it is very difficult to secure such a large pool of creators and fans, essential for long-term growth, as Naver Webtoon, ”said someone from the webcomics industry.

By Kim So-hyun ([email protected])

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