! Murcia Today – What is tourist tax, how much does it cost and where do you have to pay it in Spain?

Resort taxes are becoming more common in cities around the world, meaning vacationers have to pay extra for hotel rooms

The tourist tax is a surcharge which, in recent years before the Covid-19 pandemic, has become popular in several cities in high demand by tourists.

Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon and Berlin are some of the European capitals that have introduced the tourist tax, charging a supplement for each night spent in a hotel or tourist accommodation in the city.

The amount varies from city to city and is set according to criteria such as the type of accommodation the tourist is staying in, the number of nights spent and their age. But generally, in Spain, the tourist tax is set at around 1 euro per night.

In practice, this makes 1 euro hotels more expensive, and many critics of the tourist tax claim that such price increases will deter tourists from visiting this city.

Before the pandemic hit, cities like London and Dublin were planning to join the scheme, but that was halted by Covid. Now that the tourism sector is starting to recover, the tourist tax is back on the table.

Where do I have to pay the 2022 tourist tax?

What is the tourist tax, how much does it cost and where do you have to pay it in Spain?

In Europe, the countries that levy the tourist tax are Portugal (Lisbon, Porto), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice), Austria ( Vienna), the Czech Republic (Prague), Belgium (Brussels) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Vienna has seen an increase of more than 3% in room prices, Brussels charges up to almost 9 euros in five-star hotels, and in Paris if the room price is more than 200 euros, there is a supplement by 2%.

In the United States, New York charges a tourist tax of around $4.20 (4 euros), while other cities have increased their overnight rates by just over 3%.

City tax in Japan varies by length of stay and is levied on hotel stays over 10,000 yen per person per night (about 75 euros), plus 100 yen (0.74 euros).

Where do you have to pay the tourist tax in Spain 2022?

What is the tourist tax, how much does it cost and where do you have to pay it in Spain?In Spain, the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) charges tourists between 1 and 4 euros per person per night for a holiday stay, and Catalonia (Barcelona) currently charges between 0.45 and 2, 25 euros per person per night.

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