Match fuel tax cuts in Europe to ease cost of living crisis, Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson

Robert Halfon, who has long campaigned against high fuel prices, said: “We definitely need further action from the government.

“I don’t care how it’s done, but we have to bring the price down. Any tax reduction must be correctly passed on.

A Whitehall source added: ‘With taxpayers being hit harder at the pumps every day, obviously we should be using our freedom here to put money in people’s pockets.’

The AA has called for a 10p cut in the duty, which currently stands at 52.95p per liter after the 5p cut in March.

The car group said the fuel tax should vary with wholesale prices, allowing the government to impose a ‘stabilizer’ on costs, while the RAC said crossing the £100 per tank threshold was a “dark day”.

A government spokesman denied that there had been a “VAT windfall”. “In March, the OBR forecast lower VAT receipts for this year than in the fall,” he said. As two other railway unions announced a strike on Thursday, Mr Johnson also vowed not to ‘surrender’ as he struck a defiant tone at a separate Cabinet meeting.

He said the government would not just ‘pass’ to the union barons over their threat to cripple the country’s rail system at a time when driving becomes prohibitively expensive.

The Prime Minister told the Cabinet that the Department for Transport and Rail Industry had his “1000 per cent support in this fight”, according to the Daily mail.

95% mortgage repayment

Speaking at Blackpool and Fylde College in Lancashire, Mr Johnson said the government would launch a mortgage market review to find new ways to make it easier for first-time buyers to take out loans and improve access to mortgages. low deposit rate loans. ready.

The Prime Minister has said he wants to secure a “loan flow” of low deposit mortgages.

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