Marvel Comics & September 2021 Solicitation Spoilers: BIG Milestone For The Incredible Spider-Man Signals BIG Changes!

Marvel Comics and September 2021 Spoilers Solicitations follow.

BIG milestone for the amazing Spider-Man signals BIG changes!

wonder reports.

Nick Spencer’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ era reaches thrilling conclusion

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ # 74, issue 875, hits newsstands in September!

Nick Spencer will wrap up his epic run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in September! Since taking over the title, the acclaimed writer has crafted a Spider-Man saga for the ages, taking not only Peter Parker but his beloved supporting cast and iconic rogue gallery on sweeping new journeys. With many memorable stories under his belt, Spencer will complete his redefining work on the Spider-Man mythos in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 74.

The landmark 875th issue of the title, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 74 will be an incredible 80-page bestselling issue with illustrations by some of the artists who contributed to this historic run: Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira, and more ! The culmination of more than three years of exciting storytelling, this climactic finale will be full of surprising developments that will propel Peter Parker into his next high-flying era.

“The last three years of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have been Nick Spencer’s love letter to his favorite character and comic book,” said editor Nick Lowe. “He is perhaps Spidey’s biggest fan, as evidenced by the fact that he read all the Spider-Man comics in preparation for his historic run.

“From # 1 to # 74, Nick (with Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley and more) got huge with more villains, more side characters and more punishment for Peter Parker. From ‘Hunted’ to ‘Sins Rising’ to ‘Last Remains’ to ‘King’s Ransom’ to ‘Sinister War’ and now to the ultra-sized finale ‘What Cost Victory’ Nick will bring his roller coaster ride back to the resort of a way you will never forget!

Check out the Patrick Gleason cover above and shop for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN when it hits stores on September 22. Stay tuned next week for some exciting news on the next era of Spider-Man!


Curious what the next step is for Kindred.

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