Marvel: 10 most shocking twists and turns in Spider-Man comics

Spider-man has a long and prolific history in Marvel comics. He is one of the company’s most beloved heroes and, arguably, the face of the company. He receives frequent guest star opportunities in other books, has joined various teams such as the Avengers and the The Fantastic Four, and it has one of the most famous rogue galleries in superhero comics.

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Part of the reason for Spider-Man’s celebrated status in the comic book world is how relevant he is. However, that’s also in large part thanks to the countless famous stories he’s been involved in, many of which have very memorable twists and turns that people remember to this day.

ten The death of Gwen Stacy and then the Green Goblin himself

“The Night Gwen Stacy Died” was one of the first major turning points in Spider-Man history. His longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, was murdered by the Green Goblin, and Spider-Man’s attempts to save her didn’t go as planned. It was a huge shock to the readership and one of the most infamous moments in superhero comic book history.

To add to that, Green Goblin died in the same issue. Spidey cornered Norman, and the Green Goblin used his remote-controlled goblin glider to try and stab Spidey from behind. However, Spider-Man ducked and the glider stabbed Norman instead.

9 Norman Osborn returns as the Green Leprechaun

goblin spiderman

This pivotal moment in Spider-Man history was then partially undone. In addition to the revelations that Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy may have had a series of love affairs and even a potential child together, Norman Osborn has returned and resumed his crusade against Spider-Man.

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Osborn would don the Green Goblin costume again, but he would also lead the Thunderbolts and even lead his own Dark team. Avengers and replace SHIELD with an organization called HAMMER as a director.

8 Peter Parker’s parents were actually international superspy FBI agents

Richard and Mary Parker

Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 5 by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber brought his own twist to the story of Peter Parker and his family. He revealed that Richard and Mary Parker were actually spies who worked for the Red Skull. However, as Peter digged deeper, he realized that they were actually FBI and SHIELD agents spying on the Red Skull and doing that sort of thing for a living.

More was made of Richard and Mary Parker in the years that followed, and the legend of their exploits grew considerably.

7 The black suit was alive from the start and becomes its own super-villain / anti-hero

Black costume of Spider-Man in Secret Wars

Another big and shocking twist came after Peter Parker got his black suit after the Secret wars Event. Spider-Man wore black for years before discovering, with the help of Mister Fantastic, that the costume had been alive all this time and that he was possibly playing with Peter’s mind and body.

After finding out how this costume corrupts him, Spider-Man forcibly removes the costume forever. This costume, actually an alien symbiote known as the Klyntar, would attach to Eddie Brock and become Venom.

6 The revelation that Peter Parker was a clone all this time


The much maligned Clone the saga attempted to achieve a massive turn of its own center around Peter Parker the Jackal and a clone by the name of Ben Reilly. The story began in Amazing Spider-Man # 149 by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru when the Jackal made a Spider-Man clone to fight the original. However, the clone returned years later in The Spectacular Spider-Man # 216 by Tom DeFalco, Todd DeZago and Sal Buscema when this clone returned to visit Aunt May.

It was soon revealed during the Clone the saga that the person readers thought was Spider-Man all this time was the clone and the person who thought he was Ben Reilly was the original Peter Parker. In other words, the Spider-Man that readers had known in the intervening years was actually a clone. Readers didn’t like it much, and this cover was canceled at the end of the story with the apparent death of Ben Reilly.

5 Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to the world

After joining the New Avengers and starting working for Tony Stark, Spider-Man was pressed by Tony Stark to be a test for the Superhero Registration Act. After thinking about it and being promised the protection of Iron Man and the United States government, Spider-Man took off his mask on live television and told the world his real name.

In the ensuing superhuman civil war against the SHRA, Spider-Man started out alongside Iron Man in the conflict, but he eventually defected to Captain America.

4 Peter and Mary Jane make deal with Mephisto to quash this identity reveal and save Aunt May

Mephisto Spider-Man One More Day Of Marriage

Unfortunately for Peter, the Kingpin took this opportunity to shoot Spider-Man, but the assassin missed and hit Aunt May instead. May was taken to the hospital, but the odds weren’t good for May Parker.

Mephisto appeared and made an offer to Peter and Mary Jane. He would save Aunt May if Peter and Mary Jane would agree to Mephisto erasing their marriage and romantic implication from the story, because their love was so pure that erasing it spat in the face of God. Peter and MJ accepted this offer, with the latter adding the stipulation that Mephisto had erased knowledge of Spider-Man’s secret identity from the world.

3 Peter Parker’s sister Teresa Parker revealed

SPIDER-MAN Teresa Parker

In the Spider-Man: Family Business Tale by James Robinson, Mark Waid and Gabrielle Dell’Otto, it is revealed that Richard and Mary had another child: Teresa Parker. She took over her parents’ espionage business, although it was revealed in the end that her memories were implanted by Kingpin and Mentallo.

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However, it was later revealed that Teresa was actually Peter’s sister, and the Kingpin’s interference was some sort of coincidence or double trick.

2 The Death of (The Ultimate Universe) Spider-Man and the Rise of Miles Morales

The death of the Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-1610) shocked the world and even made the news. In a series of extreme events, the Ultimate Spider-Man was shot down by Punisher and then suffered a brutal fight against the Sinister Six before being caught in an explosion caused by the Green Goblin. Peter Parker died of his injuries. However, his mantle would soon be taken over by Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

The Ultimate Peter Parker will return later thanks to the OZ formula created by Norman Osborn. He would let Miles take up the Spider-Man torch and live a quiet life with Mary Jane, but he became Spider-Man again after the events of Secret Wars (2015), in which Miles Morales was sort of transferred to the Mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616)

1 Doctor Octopus takes over Peter Parker’s body and becomes Superior Spider-Man

upper cropped spider-man (1)

One of the craziest plans ever implemented by a supervillain involved Doctor Octopus reuniting the Sinister Six. Otto was dying, and he decided, in order to stay alive and continue his scientific work, the best way forward was to transfer his spirit into the body of his most hated enemy, Spider-Man.

Otto succeeded, and for a while the Amazing Spider-Man became the Superior Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, Otto used a more bossy and brutal approach to justice, which alienated Spider-Man from the Avengers. Eventually, Peter would take over his body and Otto’s spirit would be transferred to a hybrid clone body of Otto Octavius ​​and Peter Parker – retaining Spider-Man’s powers in this new body.

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