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Money is, as always, a big deal.

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The current debate seems to focus on whether it will be worth the paper, plastic or metal it is written on.

All big brains seem to be in love with things I can’t even begin to decipher, but I’ve been around long enough to know when something smells like government control and it smells like a buzzard’s breakfast.

Bitcoin just doesn’t sound the same as the greenback, the pound, the shekel, or even the loonie.

The trend now is gold and silver, which have always been touted to never lose value.

This leaves one in a dilemma; if everyone and their dog buy things, will it become the predominant form of money?

Historians often point to post-World War I Germany as a benchmark for this sort of thing. The money was literally useless, you needed a full wheelbarrow to buy a meal and it was too gross for toilet paper.

Personally, I think we are stepping back in time. I think the barter system will become more and more dominant, at least for us rednecks that the government always forgets.

One can buy gold and silver in virtually any denomination and it can become the real bitcoin.

The plot freaks might be right about this one. You can’t trust anyone except good friends and family.

Governments are either corrupt, terminally dumbed down by greed, or reduced to being content with clumsiness, having created a society where conversations must be carefully crafted and monitored lest someone, somewhere take offense.

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Putin has shown his true colors, which turn out to be blood red as he tries to implement his version of a new world order. There are others which operate less brutally but with more effect.

One world income, one world currency, one world whole.

What if this currency does not include currency? How are the laundromats going to work, worse, what do I give to the sad soul in front of me who needs a drink more than my preaching?

How is a grandfather supposed to give a few dollars to his grandson? Do grandpas still do that?

The true horror of what is settling upon us has not yet penetrated. I feel like we are on a well-trodden path to a communist future, a future where humans are increasingly worthless except as workers for the greater glory of the state.

It seems pretty awful to me. All my life I have lived with or among people who had escaped tyrannical European states: the Holocaust, the Hungarian Revolution, the Czech revolt, etc. They made great Canadians.

Their children already knew the history of their own nation and now they could be part of ours. They built halls where they could hoist a tankard and remember the old country, but if you looked around you were likely to find a picture of the queen hidden somewhere.

About what awaits me is well above my salary, but history has been my passion for as long as I can remember. However, I wonder how long I will be able to continue like this.

Being a cynical all my life has taught me that maybe there isn’t, and if there is, there won’t be much left to study. It keeps me awake some nights. Being cynical taught me another thing: it’s a one-sided emotion. I gotta temper it with a little hope

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