Love Island tattoo artist Danny insists his inks aren’t racist after N-word insult

Danny Bibby turned heads as soon as photos of him were posted before he entered the Love Island villa.

The 25-year-old plumber from Leigh, near Wigan, has spent more than £ 20,000 and 400 hours on his body art.

However, following the outcry over the discovery of a landmark Instagram comment where Danny replied “my nigga” to a friend, some viewers took a close look at his body art.

Several viewers tweeted serious allegations, claiming that a large portrait on Danny’s stomach is that of a “German soldier,” and underlined the numbers 13 and 28 on his wrists.

They were alluding to “racist” meanings, which were strongly denied by Danny’s tattoo artist.

Danny’s tattoos have attracted unwanted attention

Sam Janbi of Apollo Tattoo Arts, is the creator of the stomach piece in question.

He says, “Oh my god … It’s Thomas Shelby and his flat cap, with the razor blade and a Union Jack flag behind him,” he said of the iconic Peaky Blinders character portrayal. .

He exclaimed: “I really can’t see how they got a German soldier out of this.

Danny bibby
His tattoo on his stomach is that of Tommy Shelby in a flat cap

“When it comes to numbers, a lot of people with tattoos see the 13 as a lucky number. I don’t know what the 28 means but it will mean something to him.

“There are many of us in the tattoo business with a 13. I have one.

He added: “I am totally shocked by the reaction to his work. I don’t know how people make it up.”

Danny started his tattoo collection seven years ago and comes to Sam’s house about once a month – before the pandemic.

Danny bibby
Viewers examined his tattoo collection

“He comes with his slippers and dressing gown. He has his own mug here at the studio!” Sam jokes, because Danny is a regular.

It also has a Batman-themed leg sleeve and a tattoo of American Pie’s iconic Stifler.

“I would say it’s 90% covered, and I’ve done 80%.”

Sam said that people’s judgment of Danny because of his tattoos was unfair.

He said, “The comments yesterday were so fickle, you know. Do we live in such a fickle society?

“People said he looked like he got out of jail because of his tattoos. Are we still around that time now?”

Sam added of the review, “What happened to the ‘be nice’ slogan?”

Love Island continues daily at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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