Loki and the Joker played the same trick on Hulk

Marvel’s Loki and DC’s Joker are two of the toughest villains in all of comics and prove it by playing the same trick on the Incredible Hulk!

Marvel Comics are two of the toughest villains to ever see on the page of a comic book. Loki and DC Comics’ Joker, and the two characters played the same trick on the Pontoon. Hulk is one of Marvel’s strongest characters and even one of the most brutal fighters in all of comics. So when the opportunity arose, the Joker and Loki didn’t hesitate to use the Hulk for their own nefarious ends, respectively.

In Avengers # 1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Loki decides it’s time for him to take control of Earth, but with the planet protected by Iron Man and Ant-Man not to mention his own brother Thor, Loki was going to need some help. a powerful ally, whether they knowingly helped him or not. Loki used his magical abilities to cause the Hulk to wreak havoc, and Loki used this as a distraction for his plan to take over the world. When the Hulk came with the help of the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they all joined forces against the God of Mischief and in doing so became the Avengers.

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Even though Loki failed in his plot to use the Hulk to defeat his heroic foes, the Joker decided to use the same method to defeat his longtime nemesis, Batman. In the one-shot of the Marvel / DC crossover Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk of Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Batman and Hulk inexplicably exist in the same universe without further explanation, much to the Joker’s delight. As Batman pursues the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker stumbles upon Hulk and convinces the Avenger that he is his friend and that Batman is the real villain. Since the Hulk is notoriously childish in his thinking process, he believes the clown and attacks Batman before the Caped Crusader can reach the Hulk and the two heroes team up to take down the Joker.

Loki made the Hulk fight Marvel’s Earth Heroes for him just as the Joker convinced the Hulk to fight Batman for him. Both villains use the same method and both receive the same result, one that is initially satisfactory but quickly becomes unfavorable. Batman is able to educate the Hulk on the truth of who’s good and who’s bad in the DC Universe and the Avengers get to the Hulk during his rampage and make him a permanent member of their team to move forward.

As Loki and the Joker fail in their attempts to use the Hulk to satisfy their own villainous needs, they each get points for choosing their target. The Hulk is relatively easy to fool and an absolute powerhouse. The Joker and Loki are incredibly intelligent, but neither of the characters are physically imposing, especially when compared to the Hulk. Choosing the Hulk to do the dirty work for them is really evil and very smart. Where both villains failed was in underestimating their heroes because in both cases the Avengers and Batman did what they needed to defend against the Hulk, but in the end showed him some empathy and understanding until he saw who the real bad guys were. both scenarios. Loki and the Joker played the same trick on the Pontoon, and they both paid the same price as a result.

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