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Bassetlaw Council in Nottinghamshire left residents and opposition councilors stunned after pledging to introduce at least four sunscreen dispensers in Harworth & Bircotes, Retford, Tuxford and Worksop. The goofy policy will see the 50 factor available for free to those in inner cities.

The council was inspired by the town of Leigh after the popular seaside town council decided to install a free sunscreen dispenser on Bell Wharf Beach, meaning visitors traveling to bathe by the sea ​​can access free protection.

The only difference? Nottinghamshire is landlocked and over two hours drive from the nearest beach.

A motion passed by Bassetlaw Council last week states: “Leigh Council recently launched a ‘Safe Sun Project’, installing a free SPF 50 sunscreen dispenser in the town.

“The dispenser is available for anyone who has forgotten sunscreen when using the city center, but can also be used by low-income households who may not be able to purchase sunscreen that can cost several pounds per bottle.

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“This council recognizes the importance of staying safe in our warming climate and therefore decides to engage Leigh Town Council to learn more about this initiative before installing and servicing at least one vending machine. of sunscreen in each of our main city locations – Harworth & Bircotes, Retford, Tuxford and Worksop.

He said steps were being taken to help fight skin cancer.

The motion pointed out that there are around 2,300 skin cancer deaths from melanoma each year in the UK.

The council said it would “actively seek” sponsorship to help offset the cost of the program.

Reacting to the decision to install the dispensers, local Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith told ‘I don’t know how many people are planning to sunbathe while they’re doing shopping in North Nottinghamshire and last time I checked we don’t have any beaches either.

‘Never mind having public sunscreen dispensers – locals will assume the Labor Council is the one taking the Piz.’

Earlier this year, the authority made headlines when it changed bin collection rules, warning that black wheelie bins would not be emptied if the lids were not properly closed.

Justifying the decision in January, a Facebook post from the district council said security was one of the reasons for the policy change.

He claimed that binmen could be “injured or hurt” when collecting rubbish, as lifted lids “can explode in staff’s faces in windy conditions”.

Local resident and Tory campaigner Ben Storey told this website of the latest motion passed by the council: “It’s not the sun that burns us here in Bassetlaw, it’s the Labor led council.

“It’s just rubbing it in and I’m not talking about sunscreen.”

Cllr Sue Shaw, Bassetlaw Cabinet Member for Community Health and Wellbeing, who proposed the Sun Cry motion, said: “Bassetlaw District Council has engaged Leigh Town Council to find out more about this initiative which has been widely hailed as a low-cost way to tackle a serious problem that results in thousands of unnecessary deaths each year.

“With new cases of melanoma set to rise significantly over the next two decades and warming temperatures in the UK, this initiative represents a small but potentially life-saving investment for Bassetlaw residents young and old.

“There is no up-front expenditure for the Council while we explore service delivery options, and we will actively seek third-party sponsorship from any mandated distributors to make this initiative self-sustaining.”

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