KQ investigates Boeing plane’s loss of communication as it flew over Germany

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 26 –Kenya Airways and air traffic control in the Netherlands and Germany said on Saturday they had launched an investigation into an incident in which a Boeing plane lost air traffic control as it flew over Germany on September 20.

The airline, in a statement, said officials have yet to determine the cause of the incident and will take corrective action even though it has confirmed that the plane en route to Amsterdam from Nairobi has temporarily lost. communication at 6 am German time.

“A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner en route to Amsterdam from Nairobi temporarily lost contact with air traffic control (ATC) as it flew over Germany,” a KQ statement read.

According to KQ, however, the pilots were able to reestablish communications using an alternate frequency and continued flight normally, landing safely at the scheduled time in Amsterdam.

A flight incident tracker called the Aviation Herald first reported the incident, revealing that the airline had lost communication with authorities while in German airspace.

“Two Eurofighters were dispatched to intercept the plane, prompting wake-up calls with supersonic booms to many residents on the ground of Landshut in Frankfurt am Main. German DFS reported that communication with a Kenyan plane had been lost, which gave information to the German Bundeswehr which sent two Eurofighter. The German Bundeswehr announced that it was sending two Eurofighter to intercept an airliner bound for Amsterdam, “Aviation Herald wrote.

KQ noted that the incident is also not uncommon in aviation, as an aircraft can lose contact with air traffic control for reasons such as a power failure.

“We want to assure our customers that their safety and that of our crew is our top priority,” said KQ.

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