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LONDON — Key milestones in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland aged 96 after serving more than seven decades on the throne.

—April 21, 1926: Birth of Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in Mayfair, London, first child of the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, later called the Queen Mother.

-Dec. October 10, 1936: Elizabeth becomes heir to the throne after her uncle King Edward VIII abdicates and her father becomes king.

-Oct. 13, 1940: Elizabeth gives her first public speech aged 14 on BBC Children’s Hour to reassure children who were separated from their parents during the Blitz.

-1945: Elizabeth is commissioned as a junior in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, serving for Britain during World War II.

-Nov. October 20, 1947: Elizabeth marries Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece and Denmark at Westminster Abbey.

-Nov. August 14, 1948: Birth of Prince Charles, now Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the throne.

-August. November 15, 1950: Birth of Elizabeth’s second child and only daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal.

-Feb. 6, 1952: Elizabeth becomes queen on the death of her father George VI.

—June 2, 1953: Crowned in a grand coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. She embarks on a tour of the Commonwealth, visiting places like Bermuda, Fiji, Tonga, Australia and Gibraltar.

-Feb. January 19, 1960: Birth of Elizabeth’s third child, Prince Andrew.

—March 10, 1964: Birth of Elizabeth’s fourth child, Prince Edward.

—May 1965: Elizabeth makes an historic visit to West Germany, the first German visit by a British monarch in 52 years.

—1977: Elizabeth celebrates her silver jubilee, which marks her 25 years on the throne.

-1992: Elizabeth has what she describes as an “annus horribilis” or “horrible year”. The year sees the end of the marriages of three of his four children. Also that year, a fire damaged Windsor Castle. Public outcry over the cost of repairs in the midst of a recession prompts the Queen to volunteer to pay income taxes.

-August. January 31, 1997: Princess Diana dies in a car accident in Paris. Under pressure from the public to show her grief, Elizabeth makes an unprecedented televised tribute to Diana’s memory.

—2002: Elizabeth celebrates 50 years of reign with her Golden Jubilee. The year also sees the death of Elizabeth’s mother and her sister, Margaret.

-Dec. 20, 2007: Elizabeth becomes the longest-lived British monarch, surpassing Victoria.

—May 2011: Elizabeth makes an historic visit to Ireland — the first visit by a British monarch since Irish independence.

—2012: Elizabeth marks 60 years of her reign with a Diamond Jubilee.

-Seven. August 9, 2015: Elizabeth surpasses Queen Victoria to become the longest-serving monarch in British history.

—June 11, 2016: Britain celebrates Elizabeth’s official 90th birthday with three days of national festivities.

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-Feb. 6, 2017: Elizabeth becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, marking 65 years on the throne.

— March 2020: Elizabeth and Philip moved from Buckingham Palace in London to Windsor Castle at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

—April 9, 2021: Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband of 73 years, dies aged 99.

-Oct. February 20, 2021: Elizabeth spends a night in a London hospital to undergo health tests. She canceled major engagements in the following months, on orders from doctors to undertake only light duties.

-Feb. 6, 2022: Elizabeth becomes the first British monarch to reach a platinum jubilee, marking 70 years as sovereign.

—June 2022: Elizabeth makes limited public appearances over a four-day holiday weekend to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

-Seven. February 6, 2022: Elizabeth meets Boris Johnson and Liz Truss at her summer holiday home in Scotland to oversee the handover of power from the incumbent Prime Minister to his successor. The ceremonies, traditionally held at Buckingham Palace in London, were moved to Balmoral for the first time during the Queen’s reign in light of her mobility problems.—Sept. August 8, 2022: Elizabeth dies at Balmoral Castle in Scotland aged 96. His eldest son becomes King Charles III.

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