Inventing Anna Real-Life Scammer Used Netflix Money To Pay Off Debts

The con artist who inspired Netflix’s Inventing Anna is said to have used the money the streaming giant gave her to pay off the huge debt she owed.

The subject of Netflix’s new show Invent Anna, Anna Sorokin, used the money the streaming giant gave her to pay off debts she owed to various banks, hotels and acquaintances. Adapted from the New York Magazine story “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” by Jessica Pressler, Invent Anne was created by the legendary Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal writer Shonda Rhimes. The film follows Sorokin’s rise to the top of the social scene, his massive fraud, his eventual downfall, and his stars. Ozark’s Julia Garner as Sorkin.

The German-Russian fraudster was found guilty of multiple counts of theft and theft in connection with a series of frauds she committed from 2013 to 2017 while living under the pseudonym Anna Delvey in New York. These included defrauding Citi Bank by depositing NSF checks, sending fake wire transfer confirmation slips to a charter airline, and racking up huge unpaid bills at several luxury hotels. Eventually, a grand jury was convened which indicted her on two counts of attempted grand larceny in the first degree. She was arrested and tried in 2019, found guilty of eight counts, including robbery, attempted robbery and theft of services. She was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison and was released in 2021. The year of her imprisonment, Netflix and Shonda Rhimes acquired the rights to her life story, including paying Sorokin a $320 fee. $000.


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Now, Initiated reports that Sorokin used the money Netflix gave her to pay off debts she owed, but she might not have much left in the end. Due to New York legislation that prevents convicted felons from profiting after committing their crime called the “Son of Sam” law, the state could freeze funds that Netflix sent to Sorokin. However, Albany Judge Richard Platkin has since ordered their release so she can reimburse Citibank, its state fines and legal fees.

Inventing Anna Julia Garner's Movie as Anna Delvey

Considering Sorokin has already paid around $223,000 in restitution and $75,000 in attorney fees, he won’t have much money left over from Netflix once his affairs are in order. On top of that, she will also have to pay additional legal fees once the proceedings in her case are over. Therefore, Sorokin is unlikely to benefit from the television adaptation. However, this isn’t the last time we’ll see his story adapted for the screen.

Next to Invent Annaseveral podcasts and book adaptations tell the story of Sorokin’s fraud. My friend Anna is told from the perspective of Rachel Williams, a companion of Sorokin whom the fraudster tricked into paying a $62,000 bill at a luxury hotel in Morocco. HBO has since acquired the TV rights to the book, and Lena Dunham is attached as screenwriter. There’s a chance that real-life Anna Delvey could make money from some of her other life adaptations, but the “Son of Sam” law could prevent her from earning extra income from her crimes.

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Source: Initiated

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