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Instagram is a social media photo and video sharing app that connects its creator and followers in many interesting ways. Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has always shown a keen interest in entertaining its users with cool and engaging upgrades.

But the tech giant not only thinks of its users but also of its creators and recently the social network was launched. a method of gain via IG live, i.e. badges for creators.

Previously, this feature was only available in the US, however, according to CMS, creators in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Japan and Mexico regions can also take advantage of the badges. All creators from all of the above-mentioned regions when going live will have their badges automatically activated, but users who don’t want to keep these badges or show them off in their lifetime will also have the option to deactivate them.

Moving on, you must be wondering what this badge actually is? How can creators benefit from this? When creators from the regions mentioned above come to Instagram live, they can use badges and any of their followers can purchase these badges in the range of $ 0.99 to $ 4.99.

Apparently both parties, a streamer and a commentator can take advantage, if a follower can buy this badge, they not only help their favorite streamer in terms of finances, but also their streamer can easily notice them and recognize them more.

Now, if we talk about how creators benefit from these badges, all money earned from this badge will be returned to the creator after Instagram retains its own minor percentage.

These badges appeared in the bottom function bar from which users can purchase with one click.

However, creators must follow certain rules to qualify for this badge. To get these badges, creators must be at least 18 years old and must have creators or business accounts on the Instagram app. In addition, they should have at least 10,000 subscribers; they must comply with platform rules and regulations and community guidelines

This is Instagram’s latest effort to keep the spark alive for the creators of the app. This will give more energy and enthusiasm to the creators and encourage them to regularly post good live content on the app and keep their feed on the app.

These days, all social media platforms are fighting with their competition to keep the big name on their app. If someone leaves a social media platform, their competitor’s apps will give them more earning potential. It is therefore the key element to develop any application.

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