Gas stations passed on tax refund almost entirely – Shanghaiist

Despite all doubts, gas stations passed on the tax cut almost in full. Nevertheless, there are criticisms.

According to a survey, the fuel discount in effect since June 1 has been passed on to motorists for the most part. This is shown by a comparison of fuel prices between France and Germany before and after the introduction of the tank discount, the RWI Leibniz Economic Research Institute said on Friday. RWI researcher Manuel Frondel criticized the measure as “not sensible” from a distributional and ecological point of view.

According to an assessment by RWI, diesel prices in Germany in May were on average just over 13 cents per liter higher than in France. After the introduction of the tank discount, prices in Germany fell by more than 8 cents per liter on average in June.

The sum of the two differences of about 21 cents per liter of diesel indicates that the on-tank rebate of about 17 cents per liter of diesel has been passed on to consumers at least to a very large extent, if not entirely, RWI summarizes.

Almost all of the tax burden passed on

A similar picture emerges for the prices of super petrol E10: in May they were around 3.5 cents per liter higher in Germany than in France, in June they were around 28 cents per liter lower. . .

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