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Mr Cox, founder of Fair Fuel UK, explained that other European countries such as Spain, France and Germany have already reduced their fuel tax. The Fair Fuel activist went on to explain that rising fuel costs are pushing up food prices in the UK, due to the impact of the crisis on farmers. Mr Cox went on to explain that Germany had cut inflation by half a percent due to its fuel tax cut. Many pundits have called on the UK government to tackle the cost of living crisis before it’s too late.

Mr Cox told Talk TV: “Really, one of the things we need to understand is that we are already the highest tax drivers in the world.

“And we are also in a situation that we have to understand is that the government is ignoring calls from the taxpayers alliance, Fair Fuel UK and the whole motoring fraternity of this country to drastically reduce taxes on fuel.

“Germany did it, they cut it by 25p to try to ease the cost of living crisis, they did it, France did it too, Spain did it, Ireland did it too.

“It’s a fantastic situation there, but here we continue to ignore those calls for some unknown reason because the government is tracking something like an extra £4 billion in VAT due to these high prices over the past few years. last 12 months.

Ms Goddard added: “Well, yeah, and we were talking to Adam Limb about the same thing, I mean the Conservative Party is after all about making money and as he called it, greed is good .

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“And so it seems to have fallen on deaf ears because it’s not talked about a lot, and the other thing we’ve brought up is that people only think of motorists on the road.

“I always come back to farmland and you know all the farmers there, and people don’t realize that also drives up food prices, right?”

Mr Cox said: ‘Well, quite rightly… UK campaign which I’ve had for 12 years and enjoyed, we’ve been successful in getting a fuel duty freeze during that time, but we are still the highest tax drivers in the world.

“But everything on the road, everything in your studio, everything in your house… Everything arrived by truck.

“And the food is trucked in and exactly what you mean the impact on inflation is huge and that 25p cut in Germany that they just did in the last three months they’ve had a drop half a percent of inflation.

“So it’s not rocket science if you reduce the cost of distribution, you’re going to reduce the cost of goods, which means you’re going to reduce inflation.”

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