From Frankenstein to Freddy Krueger, the book “The Story of the Monsters by Pete Von Sholly” has an 18 foot book. long image, with more than 1000 designs

HOLLYWOOD – Pete Von Sholly is an artist. And his specialty is the world of movie monsters. He has a new book that chronicles some of our favorites … from Frankenstein to Freddy Krueger and many more. It’s an unusual picture book he calls “Pete Von Sholly’s Story of the Monsters.”

As a little boy, Pete Von Sholly had a big imagination. And, over the years, this gift has served this 70 year old very well.

“I always say I’m very old but I’m very immature,” said Von Sholly.

He describes himself as someone who “spreads the strange”. Now he’s taken that “weird” and turned it into a new book. I would love to call him a real pager turner … but in reality the book is a continuous page of monster art!

“Well, it’s a mural. That’s the problem and it’s … how to put a mural in a book? Von Sholly said. “So Clover Press, they figured out a way to get their printer to print it as one thing. So ultimately it can be considered a work of art. People don’t realize that it is. not a bunch of pictures. It’s a huge photo. “

End to end, the book’s “single page” is 18 feet long and includes over a thousand drawings. And so that you can be “in the know” about all these monsters, there is a separate guide to help you put names on all the faces.

“It’s like a parade in my head. Yeah, there it is. It’s like a parade of monsters parallel to human history,” said Von Sholly. “I want to see it in a museum someday. It’s my dream to have it along a really long wall so people can walk around and watch it.”

Pete has spent decades working in the art departments of various films … many of which feature monsters!

“They’re just fascinating. Everyone loves monsters, don’t they? Von Sholly said.

“Pete Von Sholly’s Story of the Monsters” is available to order now from Clover Press or on Amazon. It will be officially available in stores on June 29.

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