For the next 5 years, only commercial vehicles will pay the toll tax on MPRDC roads 17

BHOPAL: Cabinet has approved the collection of toll tax for five years through a contracting agency on 17 roads previously constructed under the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC). Toll rates have been set on these 17 routes per kilometer and per frequency. Approval was given to set toll rates on light commercial vehicles at Rs 1.4704, trucks at Rs 3.6501 and multi-axle trucks at Rs 7.2830. Other vehicles will be exempt from the toll tax.

The above rates will be increased annually based on the wholesale price index at each toll booth and will be rounded to the nearest five rupees. This increase will be effective from September 1 at the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) rate announced by the Government of India for the financial year ending March 31 each year. For this, the wholesale price index as of March 31, 2007 will be taken as a basis.

Prior to the start of actual tolling on these 17 routes, it will be certified by the company that the necessary improvement works have been completed on the route and approval has been given to prepare an improvement/recovery action plan. upgrade for the next three years.

The exempted: On these roads, all Government of India and Government of Madhya Pradesh vehicles which are in official service, non-commercial vehicles of former and current Members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly, all such vehicles which are in official service Indian Army, Ambulances, Fire Department, Indian Post and Telegraph, Department vehicles, Tractor Carts used for agricultural purposes, Auto Rickshaws, Two-wheelers and Bullock Carts, Fighters of Freedom and prominent journalists as well as passenger vehicles such as buses, cars, jeeps, etc. will be exempt from the toll.

8% increase in AD: Cabinet has approved an 8% increase in the high cost/reduction allowance for civil servants, retirees, teachers and panchayat secretaries of the rural development department of the Panchayat in the seventh salary scale from 1 October 2021 ( payment month November 2021). The announcement to this effect was made earlier by the Chief Minister. The cabinet has approved an estimated expenditure of Rs 50 lakh to send equestrian Faraz Khan to train in Germany for the 19th Asian Games 2022 in China.

The creation of 181 university positions was approved in the government, the autonomous/women’s polytechnic colleges started ten to thirty years ago under the direction of the Department of Technical Education, Skills Development and Employment. The Cabinet has given ex post facto approval to appoint a non-governmental person as Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Madhya Pradesh State Skill Development and Employment Generation Board.

Khargone: For the establishment of a new ITI in Badwaha Development Block, Khargone District, Cabinet approved the establishment of 19 instructors and 11 administrative posts and approved the financial provision for the required recurrent expenditures.

AnuppurAlong with this, approval of establishment of 8 posts (4 posts for FY 2022-23 and 4 posts for FY 2023-24) for start up of new civilian faculty at Government Polytechnic College Anuppur and recurrent expenditure forecast of around Rs 488.03 lakh.

Jabalpur: Cabinet has approved 24 academic posts, 14 assistant staff posts and 6 posts for the operation of two new courses at the Jabalpur Engineering College, approval for establishment under contract at the rate set by the District Manager and planned recurrent expenditure of approximately Rs 349.40 lakh.

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Posted: Friday, February 18, 2022, 11:10 p.m. IST

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