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HOLLYWOOD – Pete Von Sholly is an artist. And his specialty is the world of movie monsters. He has a new book that chronicles some of our favorites … from Frankenstein to Freddy Krueger and many more. It’s an unusual picture book he calls “Pete Von Sholly’s Story of the Monsters.”

As a little boy, Pete Von Sholly had a big imagination. And, over the years, this gift has served this 70 year old very well.

“I always say I’m very old but I’m very immature,” said Von Sholly.

He describes himself as someone who “spreads the strange”. Now he’s taken that “weird” and turned it into a new book. I would love to call him a real pager turner … but in reality the book is a continuous page of monster art!

“Well, it’s a mural. That’s the problem and it’s … how to put a mural in a book? Von Sholly said. “So Clover Press, they figured out a way to get their printer to print it as one thing. So ultimately it can be considered a work of art. People don’t realize that it is. not a bunch of pictures. It’s a huge photo. “

End to end, the book’s “single page” is 18 feet long and includes over a thousand drawings. And so that you can be “in the know” about all these monsters, there is a separate guide to help you put names on all the faces.

“It’s like a parade in my head. Yeah, there it is. It’s like a parade of monsters parallel to human history,” said Von Sholly. “I want to see it in a museum someday. It’s my dream to have it along a really long wall so people can walk around and watch it.”

Pete has spent decades working in the art departments of various films … many of which feature monsters!

“They’re just fascinating. Everyone loves monsters, don’t they? Von Sholly said.

“Pete Von Sholly’s Story of the Monsters” is available to order now from Clover Press or on Amazon. It will be officially available in stores on June 29.

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A Year of Free Comics: Man, those birds are assholes in PELICAN BASTARDS Mon, 21 Jun 2021 22:00:56 +0000

So I despise birds. Always have. They are my least favorite animal in the world, and I prefer to sit in a pit of snakes that have these flying creatures circling around my head. When i came across Pelican bastards, I had no idea that the comic webcomic would prove my theories were correct about our feathered “friends”.

Created by Michael aushenker (Heavy Metal Magazine, Bart Simpson, Gumby, Chipmunks & Squirrels, the El Gato, responsible for the crime series), the web series follows a particularly ghastly gang of pelicans, as they do everything from pooping on people to outright murder. The seabirds – Ivan, Glenn, Jamie and Claude – are jerks and know it. They love it, and they hurt more when they realize that no one can stop them, especially the less than efficient city police force.

Available on Solrad and always updated with new crazy adventures, the web series is fun and wacky. Each episode follows the flock of birds pushing the boundaries to see how inept humanity is around them. And their antics aren’t just reserved for their hometown. In one episode, they… unload… on a certain North Korean supreme leader.

To start reading Pelican bastards, Click on here. Finally, I feel justified that the birds are really the fools that I have always known them.

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BTS: When 16-year-old Jungkook started getting a tattoo and Suga became extremely protective, watch Mon, 21 Jun 2021 16:58:03 +0000

BTS singer Jungkook got fans talking after he stepped out wearing a short-sleeved shirt during the recent BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo. The singer’s arm and hand featured numerous works of art, including “ARMY”, number “0613” – the date of BTS ‘debut, a golden eye, and a microphone among various other tattoos. As fans embraced the singer’s body art, there was a time when Suga worried that the ARMY wouldn’t appreciate Jungkook’s decision to get a tattoo.

In an episode of BTS American Hustle Life, 16-year-old Jungkook opened up about his dreams and aspirations of being able to drive, drink with his BTS colleagues, and get a tattoo. Speaking to the camera, Jungkook said he was inspired by a tattoo on a woman’s neck and hoped it would get inked once he grew up as well. However, when Suga heard Jungkook talk about his dream of getting a tattoo, he didn’t quite agree.

“I always talk about this, when we all go out, the other members can’t drink because of me. They don’t even like to drink much even though it’s a little weird, not all members like to drink So when I’m an adult we’ll go have a drink together. That’s what they said. I want to be an adult as soon as possible so that all the BTS members can have a drink together like a party and me I really want to drive. I want to get a tattoo, “he said before Suga interrupted him to find out what he was talking about.

“The women inside have a tattoo (on their body). So I really want one too,” Jungkook said. “Why say that on camera? He’s crazy! Our fans are going to be disappointed,” Suga said worriedly. Jungkook assured him that he would only get it when he grew up. “I just mentioned how much I love our ARMY. If they like us, they won’t mind. If it’s a cute little tattoo,” he added.

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Suga worried about Jungkook, possibly because tattoos were a taboo subject in South Korea. According to Koreaboo, although tattoos are not illegal in the country, they are classified as a medical procedure and there are strict rules regarding tattooing. Nonetheless, Jungkook fans supported him and his tattoos.

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Play! Benefit Cosmetics Launches Global Twitch Channel to Connect Beauty and Gaming Communities Mon, 21 Jun 2021 00:27:46 +0000

Copyright 2021 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Benefit Cosmetics, the leader in beauty and not. 1 global eyebrow brand *, announces the launch of its official channel on Twitch (, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers. This launch transforms Benefit Cosmetics’ pilot “Game Face” campaign into a global program to continue to support and empower women in the game with a love and passion for what they do and to engage all lovers of the game. beauty in the play space.

Game Face, originally a campaign launched in 2020 exclusively in the United States and Australia, was developed to connect the beauty and gaming communities, as well as to support and advocate for more women in gaming. Benefit Cosmetics has partnered with women in the video game industry, encouraging them to achieve their “ Game Face ”using makeup from Benefit Cosmetics and show off their best looks live with confidence.

With the success of the pilot campaign, Benefit Cosmetics is launching an official Twitch channel and expanding Game Face to a global program. Departure June 21st, Benefit Cosmetics will host streams on Twitch for a full week, partnering with 20 players from the US, UK, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East and Germany. Live broadcasts will feature players showing off their “Game Face” makeup routines as they share what playing with confidence means to them. Players will also unbox special Benefit Cosmetics makeup items and try out products for viewers.

Popular players from UK and Ireland that will air during launch week will be Ebonix Sims, a content creator of London who is well known for creating custom content for The Sims 4, Djarii, one of the UK’s most followed female broadcasters on Twitch who is best known for her creative body art content, Harrie Silver which has been broadcasting on Twitch since 2016 and picks up Twitch with its RuneScape streams. And representing the Irish gaming community will be Nikkie stones, a non-binary, autistic Drag Queen and content creator. In addition to live broadcasts, Benefit Cosmetics will highlight players on their official social media and sponsor special contests and giveaways for fans.

Benefit Cosmetics is committed to expanding its network of streamers to include all players who love beauty and makeup. Departure June 21st, anyone interested in play and beauty can participate for a chance to collaborate and receive program benefits through Benefit Cosmetics will host additional live broadcasts to bring visibility to independent player channels, continue to offer subscriptions to provide financial support, and sponsor makeup and merchandise giveaways to interact with fans of the streamers.

“By expanding the Game Face program and our presence on Twitch, we hope to build deeper connections with the rising generation of gamers,” said Toto HaBa, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Benefit Cosmetics. “Our goal is to create a space where they can explore and combine their interests in beauty and play and ultimately feel empowered to make the best of themselves. “Game face” so they can play and stream live with confidence. I hope to see more beauty brands tapping into the video game industry to support and showcase underrepresented talent. ”

Despite a growing presence on Twitch and in the gaming community in general, players who identify as women continue to face challenges such as harassment and under-representation. Founded on the mission to inspire and empower women, Benefit Cosmetics is committed to finding new ways to connect with beauty players and fans around the world. Expanding on Twitch is a way for the brand to modernize its relationship with under-represented groups.

About Benefit Cosmetics:
Benefit Cosmetics is the San Franciscomakeup brand that believes laughter is the best cosmetic. Benefit is the # 1 eyebrow brand in the world * and is synonymous with fun, instant beauty solutions. Founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane, the beauty brand has swept the world with one-of-a-kind cult products like Benetint, They’re Real! Mascara, the base for the POREfessional face, Hoola Bronzer, Precisely, My eyebrow pencil and Gimme Brow +. Benefit is one of the industry’s fastest growing premium beauty brands, with locations in 59 countries on 5 continents. With over 3,000 eyebrow bars and over 6,000 beauticians worldwide, Benefit has become the eyebrow destination for products and services! Benefit is part of the world’s leading luxury goods group, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.


* Based on estimated total worldwide retail sales of premium eyebrow products from January to december 2020

Cosmetic Advantage

Photo –

Logo –

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Marvel Comics & September 2021 Solicitation Spoilers: BIG Milestone For The Incredible Spider-Man Signals BIG Changes! Sun, 20 Jun 2021 17:03:22 +0000

Marvel Comics and September 2021 Spoilers Solicitations follow.

BIG milestone for the amazing Spider-Man signals BIG changes!

wonder reports.

Nick Spencer’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ era reaches thrilling conclusion

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ # 74, issue 875, hits newsstands in September!

Nick Spencer will wrap up his epic run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in September! Since taking over the title, the acclaimed writer has crafted a Spider-Man saga for the ages, taking not only Peter Parker but his beloved supporting cast and iconic rogue gallery on sweeping new journeys. With many memorable stories under his belt, Spencer will complete his redefining work on the Spider-Man mythos in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 74.

The landmark 875th issue of the title, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 74 will be an incredible 80-page bestselling issue with illustrations by some of the artists who contributed to this historic run: Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira, and more ! The culmination of more than three years of exciting storytelling, this climactic finale will be full of surprising developments that will propel Peter Parker into his next high-flying era.

“The last three years of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have been Nick Spencer’s love letter to his favorite character and comic book,” said editor Nick Lowe. “He is perhaps Spidey’s biggest fan, as evidenced by the fact that he read all the Spider-Man comics in preparation for his historic run.

“From # 1 to # 74, Nick (with Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley and more) got huge with more villains, more side characters and more punishment for Peter Parker. From ‘Hunted’ to ‘Sins Rising’ to ‘Last Remains’ to ‘King’s Ransom’ to ‘Sinister War’ and now to the ultra-sized finale ‘What Cost Victory’ Nick will bring his roller coaster ride back to the resort of a way you will never forget!

Check out the Patrick Gleason cover above and shop for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN when it hits stores on September 22. Stay tuned next week for some exciting news on the next era of Spider-Man!


Curious what the next step is for Kindred.

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Still Life review: Sarah Winman’s exquisite testimony to life, love and art is a masterpiece Sun, 20 Jun 2021 01:30:00 +0000

Still life

Arah Winman

4th domain € 18.99

There is a passage right in the middle of this novel about art, life, love and a thousand other things, which distills its essence.

In the passage, art historian Evelyn Skinner talks about still lifes.

“The world of domestic cooking is a female world… Men can enter… but don’t work there and yet work is all that women do there. It’s a world of reliability… fixed and mundane. Yet within these [still life painting] something powerful form is retained: Continuity. Memory. Family.”

These three words form the basis of this exquisite book.

In war-torn Italy in 1944, Evelyn Skinner, an English art historian in her sixties, meets Ulysses Temper, a young Allied soldier from London, and they accidentally discover a repository of hidden artwork.

The experience is to weld them together for life, although they don’t know it yet.

Each survives the war and returns to England, Evelyn as a teacher, Ulysses to his two old friends, Col and Cressie, who run a pub in London’s East End, and to his wife Peg.

Peg was not faithful and had a child from his affair. Odysseus must be embittered, but love and bitterness cannot coexist in the same soul.

Flighty Peg leaves her baby daughter and seeks her fortune elsewhere, leaving the baby in Uly’s care. Meanwhile, an old Italian recluse whose life Uly saved during the war bequeaths him his substantial property in Florence.

Uly, Cress, Claude le Perroquet and The Kid leave London for Florence, transforming this large house into a boarding house. And life is sweet. We miss their old community of London, but Florence and its people more than make up for it.

It is the art that ignites the imaginations of nearly every character in this novel and Winman writes about it with a confident pen, never overwhelming the reader with unnecessary technical details – though she may well send them over. Google Images to feast on any job. is currently on the page.

In 1966, the Arno river came out of its banks and the whole city of Florence was left under water. More than a hundred people die in the floods and thousands of works of art in Florence’s galleries, libraries and churches are covered in mud, sediment and worse.

Artists from everywhere flock to Florence to participate, in every way possible, in a vast project of restoration of works of art. These people will be known in art history books as Mud Angels.

Evelyn, now in her eighties but lively as a puppy, is one of those angels who rush to Florence to do what she can.

She is going to find Ulysses, for the first time since their meeting during the war. The rest is history – and the rest is potentially a spoiler, too.

There are not enough superlatives to contain the breadth and beauty of this novel. It explores the very foundations of the sense of family; is it really a collective gene pool or does the heart of the family mean something quite different?

As well as being a story of ordinary lives surrounded by extraordinary art, it manages to be an extremely entertaining short encyclopedia of the history of Italian art, and in particular Florentine.

It is a fictional biography of not two lives, but of several, and a chronicle of the interweaving of these lives. It’s a celebration of beauty, a story of what Evelyn describes as “the continuity”. Memory. Family.’

It is above all a testimony of love.

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Randy Wooden: Tough Times In The Job Search – And Tips For Dealing With Them | Local Sat, 19 Jun 2021 23:00:00 +0000

Of course, your attire doesn’t mean you’re the most qualified or the best candidate, but it does help create that great first impression. And, after all, hiring is a subjective process … so do what you can to impress not only your skills and experience, but also your appearance.

If you don’t know how to dress, ask the recruiter who arranged the interview. Or drop by their workplace to see how people dress.

Sometimes I get asked about tattoos and piercings. Cover them? Remove piercings?

Societal norms and company policies change over time. Call me old school, but I suggest you err on the side of tattoos, especially if you are working in direct client contact or in a professional setting.

As with clothing, don’t let your looks be a distraction or a negative potential. Regardless of the job at hand, avoid wearing flip flops.

As for the piercings, I suggest you remove them during the interview. Again, avoid distractions. Ask about their body art policy. Again, a trip to their workplace might tell you about their policy. on body art. It is worth taking an interest in it.

Next time, I’ll cover more pre and post interview scenarios that sometimes give people trouble.

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Agganis Games, the festivities begin on Sunday | Sports Sat, 19 Jun 2021 16:45:00 +0000

The return of the annual Agganis All-Star Games kicks off Sunday at Manning Field and Fraser Field in Lynn.

The games, which return after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will kick off a busy day on Sunday with the opening ceremonies at Manning Field on Sunday at 9 a.m. These will be followed, for the first time, by six matches during the day:

11 a.m .: All-Star Lacrosse Game (Manning Field)

Noon: All-Star Softball Game (Fraser Field)

1 p.m .: All-Star Lacrosse Game (Manning Field)

2 p.m .: All-Star Baseball Game (Fraser Field)

3:30 p.m .: All-Star Women’s Soccer Game (Manning Field)

5:30 p.m .: All-Star Boys soccer game (Manning Field)

JAIME CAMPOS / Staff Photo Jordan Butters of Beverly keeps control of the ball against Isabella Wronkowski of Salem during the 2019 All-Star Women’s Soccer game at Manning Field.

On Monday, the Agganis All-Star Girls (5:30 p.m.) and Boys (7:30 p.m.) basketball games will be held at the gymnasium at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn.

The week ends with the game that started it all, the 59th Annual Agganis All-Star Football Game, to be held at Manning Field at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Agganis Games, the festivities begin on Sunday

The 59th Annual Agganis All-Star Football Game will be played this Wednesday at Manning Field in Lynn.

RYAN MCBRIDE / Staff file photo

In addition, 17 student-athletes from the region and from Boston received 2021 scholarships from the Agganis Foundation. The Foundation has awarded 1,019 scholarships totaling $ 2,227,000 since its inception in 1955.

Local scholarship recipients include Marblehead High’s Ryan clairon, a President’s Scholar recipient who will be attending Endicott College this fall; Bishop Fenwick Jenna durkin, who is heading to St. Lawrence University; Edward E. Cahill scholarship winner Georges Nikolakopoulos from St. John’s Prep, which enrolls in Bucknell; Caroline johnson de Marblehead, who will continue his studies at Lafayette; and Jacob Sherf from Marblehead, on his way to Middlebury.

A full list of Agganis Foundation 2021 scholarship recipients is listed below:

Name School College

a-Lauren Poacher Lynnfield WPI

y-Ulysses Brenzel Boston Latin Dartmouth

pr-Ryan Bugler Marblehead Endicott

Serena Cacciola Saugus UMass Amherst

y-Simon Chernow Latin Academy UCLA

Mary Collins Lynn Classic UMass Amherst

Jenna Durkin Bishop Fenwick St. Lawrence Univ.

a-Jennifer Flynn Lynnfield Bentley

p-Shakib Idris Lynn English tufts

y-Joseph Jackson Boston Latin Notre-Dame

Caroline Johnson Marblehead Lafayette

y-Ellen Linso Boston Latin Saint Anselme

Kathleen Mannion Lynn Classical University of Vermont

e-George Nikolakopoulos St. John’s Prep Bucknell

Jessica Page Lynn Classic West New England U.

Jacob Sherf Marblehead Middlebury

Brooke Warren Lynn Classic Emmanuel

a – Greg Agganis scholarships

e – Edward H. Cahill Scholarship

p – Patrick J. McManus scholarship

y – Yawkey / Agganis scholarships

pr – President’s scholarship

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Loki episode 2 references TVA’s Marvel Comics debut in Thor # 372 Sat, 19 Jun 2021 14:48:14 +0000

In the second episode of Loki, the headquarters of the Time Variance Authority includes a subtle nod to the organization’s origins in Marvel Comics.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Loki Episode 2, “The Variant,” streaming now on Disney +.

The second episode of Loki sees the God of Evil settle into his new role at the Time Variance Authority and comes with all the Easter Eggs fans have come to expect from a Marvel Studios project. After the first episode has spent much of its execution establishing the metaphysical workings of time, reality, and the multiverse, “The Variant” takes more time to explore the day-to-day workings of TVA as Loki gets used to it. in its new place as an asset to the organization. And when put to work in the archives by Agent Mobius, the episode even drops a subtle reference to the origins of the TVA comic book.

In the comics on which Loki is based, TVA takes on much the same role it has done so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, acting as a time bureaucracy charged with governing the flow of time. But while TVA has had run-ins with many Marvel heroes, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, and Deadpool, their origins can be traced back to lying with Loki’s brother, Thor.

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Loki Episode 2 refers to the origin of the TVA comic

At the start of “The Variant”, following a botched first mission, Loki is tasked with going through TVA files on the murderous variant of himself – revealed to be Lady Loki at the end of the episode – with whom it has been loaded. help capture VAT. When Mobius leaves Loki to continue his work, in search of anything VAT might have missed during their previous encounters with the other Loki, the number “372” can be seen in large, illuminated letters in the background. This presumably indicates the floor of the vast VAT headquarters on which the archives are located. However, it’s probably also a nod to TVA’s first named appearance in Marvel Comics in 1986. Thor # 372.

While the first real appearance of VAT was in Thor # 371 – and things like Time-Keepers, which would later become VAT related, were introduced even earlier – it was in issue 372 that the organization was first named and officially presented to Marvel Comics readers. The issue saw Thor go head-to-head with TVA’s bossy agent Justice Peace, who was essentially Marvel’s time-taker. 2000 ADJudge Dredd. Although Thor and Peace started out as enemies, they then lined up on a time travel mission to save Jane Foster from the entity known as Zaniac. It seems unlikely Loki will draw a lot from this particular scenario, but it should be noted that both Thor # 372 and Episode 2 of Loki features a villain who possesses the bodies of other people to commit their crimes.

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Statues of the Keepers of Time in Loki.

Little nods to Marvel’s Comics in the MCU, like this reference to the origins of VAT in Loki, are a fun way to wink at fans and remind that the creative teams at Marvel Studios have done their homework. Moments like the Time-Keepers Episode 1 animated “explainer” video show just how Loki draws inspiration from its comedic roots, while also finding new ways to reinvent this source material for a new generation of fans.

Loki stars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane and Eugene Cordero. New episodes air Wednesdays on Disney +.

KEEP READING: A Loki Guide: News, Easter Eggs, Reviews, Recaps, Theories & Rumors

seinfeld kramer george elaine jerry

An episode of Seinfeld was too controversial to produce

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Green Box Arts Festival Brings Weeks of Music, Dance, Art & Movies to Mountain Colorado Town | Culture & Leisure Sat, 19 Jun 2021 00:35:52 +0000

Imagine: you and your favorite people are exploring a gentle, shady little mountain town while being immersed in arts and culture.

You only have a short 15 mile drive to make this vision a reality.

The Green Box Arts Festival is back in Green Mountain Falls, after the pandemic wiped out most of its annual events last summer. And this year’s event takes place over three weeks, far longer than its 10-day schedule. There are dozens of activities to choose from, including kids’ art camps, concerts by The Reminders and Collective Groove, Sunday carols with the Colorado Springs Conservatory, ArtDesk conversations, nature hikes and movie nights. of Friday. Many events are free and most require registration.

For the first time in the history of the festival, the professional company of the American Ballet Theater will present three paid shows. These performances are sold out.

7 Things To Do Around Colorado Springs & Colorado This Weekend: Juneteenth, FIBArk, Ford Mustangs & More

“Being able to participate in artistic experiences in an outdoor environment is very exciting,” said Deputy Festival Director Scott Levy. “Green Mountain Falls is a special place. It’s an easy day trip – 20 minutes from downtown and you feel like you’re in a mountain paradise.

The Green Box Arts Festival is a three-week celebration of the arts in Green Mountain Falls. Activities include dance performances, movies, songs, arts camps, artistic conversations, and a July 4th block party. This year, Collective Groove will perform.

One of the highlights of the festival is often an installation by a world-famous artist. This year’s highly anticipated work, a Skyspace by light and space artist James Turrell, has been delayed until October due to a snowy spring and building materials delayed by a pandemic. However, on July 10, festival organizers will walk with attendees to the Skyspace site from the Green Box Farm stand, 6990 Lake St., and dedicate the space from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Skyspace visitors will be seated inside the 8-by-8-foot room, with a ceiling that opens to the sky, and witness a 40-minute light show at sunrise and sunset. As the colors of the sky change, so do the LED lights inside the space. Levy calls this a “meditative spiritual experience”. And because the roof is retractable, the show will also be offered during the day.

There are only a hundred Skyspaces in the world. The Green Mountain Falls site will be Turrell’s first permanent facility in Colorado, and also the first to be built on a mountainside.

“Because these Skyspaces are so renowned around the world, we believe it will change the artistic and cultural landscape of Pikes Peak,” said Levy. “We will find visitors who will come specifically to visit the Skyspace and experience the rest of what we have to offer. “

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Contact the author: 636-0270

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