Every comic character confirmed to appear in Eternals

Marvel’s November release The Eternals is fast approaching, and while fans now know more about the film thanks to the latest trailer, there is still a lot of unknowns. What we know is that The Eternals will introduce leading actors to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which many fans are excited to see join the franchise.

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While the character history of the comics can be used to speculate on how the Eternals will fit into the MCU, there are already big changes confirmed from the original versions. While there may still be a few surprises in store, many characters from the Marvel comics are already confirmed to appear in The Eternals.

13 Thena has a connection to the leader of the deviants

Thena in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Fans are thrilled that a big name like Angelina Jolie is joining the MCU. Although not to be confused with the Greek goddess Athena, the similarity of their names is significant. In the comics, the Eternals have formed an alliance with the gods to act as their representatives on Earth, much like they do for the Celestials.

Movies can forgo the connection to the gods and establish that the Eternals were those the ancient Greeks considered gods, as happened with other Eternals in the comics. Another important aspect of Thena’s character in the comics is his relationship with a Deviant, one of the enemies the Eternals are on Earth to defend him from.

12 Sersi is the heart of the Eternals

Sersi in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Sersi of Gemma Chan should be the focus of The Eternals, with her love for humans likely making her act as a bridge between humanity and the titular group. In the comics, Sersi is pretty much the same, advocating for peace between humans and the Eternals.

Like its cinematic counterpart, the Sersi comic also loves humanity and chooses to live among mortals. Sersi has had some nasty tricks in the comics, though it looks like the movie will describe her as the purest of all the Eternals.

11 Ikaris is much more than Marvel’s Superman

Ikaris in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Although Thena appears to have been the leader of the Eternals at one point, Richard Madden’s Ikaris appears to take control of the Eternals during the film. Like many Eternals, details of the story involving Ikaris have been kept under wraps, but he has so far been shown to have abilities similar to Superman.

In the comics, Ikaris is also portrayed as one of the strongest Eternals, and his comic counterpart is even more powerful than what Ikaris has shown in the MCU thus far.

ten Sprite is a troublemaker in both the movie and the comics

Sprite in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In The Eternals, Lia McHugh will play the Young at Heart Sprite. In the comics, Sprite is a trouble-making trickster, similar to Loki, and enjoys mingling and meddling with mortal life, a trait the MCU Sprite also appears to have.

Sprite was originally a boy in the comics, inspired by similar characters like Shakespeare’s Peter Pan and Puck. However, Sprite was recently reborn as a girl, just in time for her MCU debut.

9 Gilgamesh has been a super strong hero throughout history

Gilgamesh in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Gilgamesh is physically the Strongest Eternal, with Don Lee portraying the character in the film. In the Marvel comics, Gilgamesh is the same individual from Sumerian mythology, who has been confused with other legendary heroes over the centuries like Hercules and Beowulf.

Gilgamesh is perhaps the most heroic of all of the Eternals, as evidenced by the number of times he has intervened throughout history. The Eternals has a long way to go, so he might not go into the details of Gilgamesh’s past, but there’s a good chance he’ll stay the same.

8 Kingo loves fame and attention

Kingo in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Kingo will be played by Kumail Nanjiani and is one of the Eternals who has been fairly widely featured in marketing so far. In the comics, Kingo was associated with Japanese culture, learning the ways of the samurai of feudal Japan, and then using those skills nowadays to become an action movie star.

Rather than being associated with Japan, MCU’s Kingo instead settled in India. However, her celebrity status and love for fame have been preserved, with trailers showing Kingo as a big Bollywood star.

7 Phastos is the brain of the Eternals


Phastos is the master weapons smith and inventor of technology for the Eternals while helping humanity in technological advancement in secret. Throughout history, Phastos has been confused with the Greek god Hephaestus, who served the same purpose.

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Brian Tyree Henry will represent Phastos in the MCU, and with all the gadgets and inventions that have been shown around Phastos in the trailers, it looks like his role in the comics will continue as well. In addition, Phastos will have a family and a husband to The Eternals, adding more LGTBQ representation to the MCU.

6 Gender is not the only change for Makkari

Makkari in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In the comics, Makkari is eternally credited with teaching humans how to write and possesses superhuman speed, possibly exceeding the powers of speed that have been shown in the MCU thus far. Aside from the powers being the same, Makkari is undergoing some major changes for the big screen adaptation.

Like Sprite, Makkari has changed his gender from his comic book counterpart and will be played by Lauren Ridloff in The Eternals. Additionally, Ridloff is Marvel’s first deaf actress, making Makkari the MCU’s first deaf superhero.

5 Ajak is the one with whom the celestials have chosen to communicate

Ajak in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In Marvel’s comic continuity, Ajak is revealed to be a powerful fighter capable of flight and is associated with the ancient Aztecs. Moreover, Ajak is the Eternal generally chosen by the Celestials with whom to communicate.

Ajak will be played by Salma Hayek in The Eternals, making her the third Eternal to be changed from male to female for their film debut. As in the comics, Ajak appears to be the primary link between the Eternals and the Celestials, although his other abilities are still unknown.

4 Druig is rarely an ally of the rest of the Eternals

Druig in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Druig will be played by Barry Keoghan and is shaping up to be one of the more complex characters in The Eternals. In the film, Druig has separated himself from the rest of the Eternals due to disagreements with them over interactions with the people of Earth.

It is possible that he aligns himself with the Deviants, although his true allegiance is a mystery. In the comics, Druig is even more power-hungry and evil, reveling in brutality and torture, and even aligning himself with Thanos.

3 Dane Whitman will eventually become the Dark Knight

Dane Whitman Black Knight in Eternals and Marvel Comics

While not an Eternal, the comic book character fans are most eager to see is Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman. Besides the obvious excitement of having both Game Of Thrones veterans Kit Harington and Richard Madden join the MCU in the same movie, The Eternals will likely set up a bigger role for Harington’s character.

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In the comics, Dane Whitman is a normal human who becomes the Dark Knight when he comes into possession of the Cursed Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is similar to Thor’s Mjolnir, except that it relies on the impurity and negative emotions of its wearer rather than forcing them to be worthy.

2 Kro looks very different in the comics

Marvel Studio's Eternals Kro

Kro is the leader of the Deviants villains and is expected to be the main antagonist of The Eternals. So far, Marvel has not revealed who will be providing Kro’s voice, but fans expect it to be Dan Stevens.

Compared to the comics, Kro’s appearance in the MCU is very different and may signal new changes in his characterization. Kro in The Eternals looks a lot more alien than his appearance as a Purple Devil in the comics. Kro also had a relationship with Thena in the comics, and while it’s unclear what their reason for meeting is, the latest trailer showed them alone together.

1 Earth’s odds don’t look good with Arishem as the judge

Arishem the judge in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

The Eternals are known to work under the guidance of the ancient and mighty Celestials, as briefly seen in guardians of the galaxy. It is confirmed that at least one of these beings appears in The Eternals in the form of Arishem the judge. Arishem can be seen in trailers for The Eternals, appearing first to communicate with The Eternals, then in a menacing close-up of the Celestial.

In the comics, Arishem’s goal is to eliminate the deviants, and the Eternals are likely his allies for that purpose. However, Arishem is called the judge because he decides whether the inhabitants of a planet are worthy of salvation or destruction. If Arishem deems Earth unworthy, it will likely be a major source of conflict in the film.

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