Every comic book power Loki learned from other variations

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel Loki, episode 5, “Journey in the mystery”.

by marvel Loki has provided the perfect opportunity for the God of Mischief to learn and acquire many of the powers he holds in the comics, and he’s expanding his abilities through his Loki variants. While the MCU’s portrayal of Loki has been quite low compared to Loki from the comics, it looks like that is starting to change, especially after the series’ fifth episode on Disney +.

Before Marvel Loki, Thor’s brother had been seen in the MCU casting illusions and duplications of himself, while also having the ability to conjure items such as his daggers or the Coffin of Ancient Winters, having learned witchcraft Asgardian of his mother Frigga. Additionally, Loki has powerful telekinesis, can mask his presence, has the ability to manipulate spirits, and can also morph into a variety of different forms to suit his needs.

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However, while these aforementioned abilities are impressive, it’s still a pretty small list compared to the strength and powers wielded by the Loki seen in the comics, who at one point temporarily replaced Doctor Strange as supreme sorcerer. That being said, Episode 5 of the series sees Loki learning to use some of his greatest powers from the comics of his allied Loki variants while battling the sentient time storm known as Alioth who keeps the Void in. the end of time. Here are all of the powers Loki learned from the other variants.

Sylvie taught him enchantment

Loki Episode 5 Loki and Sylvie Holding Hands

Sylvie’s ability to enchant other people’s minds was one of the first things that really impressed Loki when he first met her in Marvel’s. Loki. While the 2012 variant can manipulate the minds of others to some extent, Sylvie unlocked the secrets of the full enchantment as she fled from VAT, being a classic Loki power in the comics.

With her powerful enchantments, Sylvie is able to bend her victims to her will while accessing their memories. Moreover, she can control them remotely and they are also able to transfer the enchantment to others as needed. Additionally, when she decides to try to enchant Alitoh herself, Sylvie touches Loki’s hand, sharing the power and encouraging him to help her enchant the beast. Although he had never done this before, Loki was able to unlock his own enchantment powers with Sylvie’s help, and they were able to enchant Alioth as a result.

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Kid Loki gave him Laevateinn

Flaming Dagger Loki Laevateinn

While the Kid Loki variant opted not to help in the fight against Alioth, he gave Loki his sword known as the Laevateinn, a classic blade from the comics in the possession of the God of Mischief who served as a conduit. in the power of Loki. In Old Norse, Laevateinn actually translates to “Wounding Wand”, “Wand of Destruction” or “Damage-Twig”, which makes a lot of sense due to its magical connection (although Damage-Twig is certainly the most hilarious of the three translations).

In the comics, Laevateinn is quite powerful and dangerous, and its past use could be how Kid Loki created his bonding event when he killed Thor in his timeline. While the sword has so far only been set on fire by Loki without distracting Alioth, it is possible that his new weapon in the MCU may enhance his magical powers in the final confrontation with whoever really is. behind the creation of VAT.

Classic Loki taught him how to properly use his illusions

Loki Episode 5 Classic Loki Magic

Last but not least, Richard E Grant’s classic Loki revealed to Loki just how far he could push his own illusions if he really wanted to, creating the entirety of Asgard in the Void (albeit with a bit of flair). Loki), distracting Ailoth long enough for Sylvie and Loki to enchant the giant storm beast. While Loki and Sylvie both marveled at the size and scope of Classic Loki’s powerful illusion, Classic Loki did claim to have some pretty impressive abilities earlier in the episode, being the variant that most closely resembles Loki from the comics.

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According to Classic Loki, it was the cast of a Perfect Illusion that kept him alive instead of being killed by Thanos the Mad Titan in his own timeline. However, he also shared with his fellow Lokis that daggers and swords were “worthless in the face of a Loki’s sorcery” and that they slowed down their magical potential. While one has to wonder if this is true with the new Loki Blade he received from Kid Loki, it seems likely that Loki’s illusions going forward in the MCU will be bigger and better than they are. never have been, thanks to Classic Loki showing him what he could really accomplish if he thought about it.

Loki finally learns how powerful he can be

Loki Episode 5 Sylvie and Loki

Combining all of these newly learned and acquired powers and abilities, Loki now has the potential to be stronger than he has ever been before in the MCU, possessing power levels much more comparable to his counterpart in the comic. As he shared with Sylvie while watching the classic Loki sacrifice during his Awesome Illusion, the Lokis are far more powerful than he (or she) thought. As a result, that could definitely come into play with the upcoming series finale.

Sylvie and Loki could both unleash their true power and potential as God and Goddess of Mischief in Marvel’s latest episode Loki, which might be necessary if they actually meet the real architect behind the TVA and the creation of the fake Time-Keepers. If this is a fight, whoever it is will likely be very strong and powerful, forcing the two Lokis to be at the top of their game and reach levels of power they didn’t even know they had in. the MCU for the final showdown.

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by marvel Loki airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney +.

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