EU alcohol tax plans could raise the price of booze for Britons on holiday in Spain

Spain currently has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe

Alcohol prices for Britons on holiday in Spain could soon rise as the European Union plans to raise alcohol tax.

Minimum excise rates for alcoholic products have not been updated in the EU since 1992.

This means the current rules “have not kept pace with inflation, changing market conditions, consumer habits or growing public health concerns”, the European Commission said.

The Commission added: “The rules require the Commission to regularly assess and report to the Council on implementation.”

Alcohol tax in Spain is currently one of the lowest in the EU

Brits flock to Spain every year

Brits flock to Spain every year

And Spain, which currently has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, could be one of those countries hit by any potential changes.

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Spain currently taxes only €2.69 (£2.23) per 700ml bottle of spirits, compared to €2.90 in Italy (£2.41), Germany €3.65 (£3.03 £) and France €5.05 (£4.19).

The southern European country is a popular tourist destination for many people across the continent, including Britons who flock to the country for cheap summer holidays.

Even before EU intervention, there were calls for an alcohol tax increase in Spain after complaints that too many people were getting too drunk, too regularly.

The EU has launched a call for evidence on the subject as well as a “more targeted public consultation”.

Comments will remain open until July 4.

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