Endgame is changing Iron Man comics in the best possible way

Avengers: Endgame has proven Tony Stark is happiest when he lives a life without technology, and now the MCU has changed the comics as well.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dark Ages # 2!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Influences Iron Man in comics in a radical way – and Avengers: Endgame is responsible for the biggest and most influential changes to date. The MCU’s climate film ended the eleven-year story arc that began in 2008 Iron Man movie; The story of a self-serving genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who ended up sacrificing his life to save the universe is loved by fans. But during the 2019 film, a key scene apparently informed Tony’s characterization going forward in the comics.

In the new 2021 series Dark times, written by Tom Taylor with the art of Iban Coello and the colors of Brian Reber, a living machine called the Unmaker threatens to destroy Earth from within, having been buried beneath the planet millions of years ago. A team of superheroes sent to defeat the threat are nearly wiped out by the Unmaker, and only Doctor Strange survives to open a portal to a world where electricity cannot work. Although the Unmaker is destroyed, Doctor Strange dies in battle and all electrical devices cease to function, which means all of Tony Stark’s inventions (including all of Iron Man’s armor) practically become big paperweights. overnight.

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Yet in Dark Ages # 2, Tony doesn’t look downhearted at all – and is, in fact, significantly happier. After some semblance of order has been restored to the world and the superheroes keep communications between the colonies open via powerful telepathic X-Men, Captain America visits him (in his current base of operations – a cave, reminiscent of the first Iron Man film), and admits “I didn’t expect to see you so… happy.” Pepper Potts, living with Tony in the cave, responds that a less exciting life is perfect for both of them.

This perfectly reflects a scene in Avengers: Endgame in which Captain America meets Tony in his cabin in the woods. Five years after Thanos used the Infinity Stones to kill half the population of the universe, Tony has found peace living with Pepper and his daughter, Morgan Stark. When comics once influenced movies, now movies influence comics. The MCU’s take on Tony in End of Game even influenced the current Iron Man series by writer Christopher Cantwell; Iron Man was stranded on a planet without a lot of resources and rather than trying to find a way out, sought to help the small community. It didn’t last, but it shows how Tony Stark would benefit from a simpler life.

Given that Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most popular heroes right now (far from his unpopular status in the ’90s), the character is unlikely to stay away from tinkering with tech for long. . But placing Tony Stark in a cave – this time on purpose – is a great way to communicate to the reader that he grew up from his freewheeling years. Avengers: Endgame influenced this Iron Man truly seeks out of life, after a long period of struggle and protection: peace.

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