“Don’t you know what a budget is?” »Artist’s client only wants to pay RM4 for full body art

Many artists around the world have been undermined by others, who don’t seem to know the painstaking work that must be put into producing a work of art. Even after countless hours spent perfecting their work, artists are still sometimes underestimated by cheapskate customers.

An American artist shared an experience on Twitter that a client only had a budget of $ 1 (RM 4.22), but still demanded a work of art of much more value.

Opalite, which manages the Twitter account @FurFoxSakeSuits, told WORLD OF BUZZ that their company is based in Ohio, United States, and has been in operation for four years now since 2017.

Opalite shared several screenshots of the conversation they had recently had with a client and ultimately blocked the client after insults were thrown.

$ 1 budget

Customer messaged Opalite if they had any artwork that cost $ 1 (RM 4.22) to which Opalite replied that they only have solid color characters (one color) for that price.

However, the client said he didn’t want a solid color character and asked if Opalite has full body art.

Opalite then sent the client a table detailing the price and size of their designs, with $ 15 (RM 63.37) as the cheapest body art offered and $ 40 (RM 169) as the most expensive.

Convo 2

“Don’t you know what a budget is?” “

However, the client insisted that he only had a budget of $ 1 and was not ready to pay the right amount for the type of full body art he wanted.

But Opalite responded appropriately, saying:

“Even though some people are on a budget, the article may be out of their budget! “

Convo 3

It was then that the client began to insult Opalite.

“You really think your art is the best wine. You couldn’t even draw a character that wasn’t a solid color, ”they said.

But Opalite didn’t want them and insulted them in return.

The client even tried the role-play by saying things like * cackles in the hyena *, * growls at you * and * prepares to pounce *.

Convo 4

The client is blocked

Eventually, Opalite refused to entertain the client and blocked him.

“I’m going to block you now. You insulted my art first by expecting it to be so cheap. I made you an offer, you could have taken it or left it but you chose to GROWLER after me. Goodbye, ”they said.

Convo 5

People who think that being an artist is not a real career and that their work is not worth paying must stop undervaluing and undermining the livelihoods of others. No one knows how much time and effort artists devote to their work. The best we can do is buy their art for what it’s worth, regardless of its value.

What do you think of that?

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