DC: The best cities to live comics

Some cities are pretty safe, whether that’s because the resident heroes are very good at their jobs, or because nothing bad never happens.

While DC Comics may have a plethora of fictional towns teeming with fantastic and amazing superheroes, not all of them are safe to live in. For many, the massive crime rates and massive property damage very common as a result of a single fight would push a lot of living in these cities away. Cities like Bludhaven and Gotham City are so plagued by crime and destruction that one wonders why anyone chooses to live there. And states like Washington DC are prime targets for large-scale invasions and attacks, as the state is home to both the center of the U.S. government and the Hall of Justice, which is treated as a rite of passage for them. bad guys.

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Speaking of Bludhaven, this particular town and the west coast town of Coast City have both been nuclear in the past for different reasons. Millions of people are often killed as a result of these superhero battles, and although they have been rebuilt, they have never regained their former glory. However, there are some cities where it’s pretty safe to live, whether that’s because the resident heroes are very good at their jobs, or because nothing great ever happens there.

5 Metropolis is one of the most advanced cities on the planet

Métropole TV

Home to not only the most superheroes on the planet, but also some of the most advanced scientific institutes in the world, Metropolis is a relatively safe city. Petty crimes such as theft and break and enter are solved almost instantly, meaning citizens are safe on a daily basis. But, what might cause some to reconsider moving to the city is the attacks from Brainiac, or Darkseid, or Luthor, or Kalibak, or Mongol, and the list goes on.

The problem is that Superman has so many city-destroying enemies that many would find it too dangerous. However, a huge benefit of living in Metropolis is the incredible field of science born out of institutes like Star Labs that are constantly revolutionizing the world of physics every day.

4 San Francisco is home to the Titans Academy

Despite what the comics tend to show, real-world cities often pop up in the world of CC. Cities like New York, California and San Francisco in particular are frequently mentioned. The city of San Francisco was the home of the Teen Titans Headquarters Titans Tower and now home to the Titans Academy where young heroes are trained for the future. What makes this city so safe is that there is never any massive fighting there.

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Since the Teen Titans are rarely involved in major storylines, this leaves the streets of San Francisco untouched by Darkseid. Yet what many may find to be the first hurdle is the high real world cost of living for the city.

3 Shiruta is more peaceful than some think

While, yes, Black adam is technically a villain who illegally conquered part of the Middle East to reestablish his former kingdom of Kahndaq, it turns out he created a very peaceful society. The nation’s capital, Shiruta, rarely has any notion of a high crime rate, and bad guys rarely set foot in Kahndaq territory.

The laws seem fair and fairly liberal. While Adam is the reigning monarch of the land, his people are free to live as they please without fear of persecution. Adam works hard to protect his people and his country, despite his status as a villain.

2 The new metropolis is the city of tomorrow

Legion of Super-Heroes # 1 cover detail

Home to the superhero team of tomorrow, the Legion of Superheroes protects the citizens of the United Federation of Planets in the 31st century. With the destruction of planet Earth, several space station cities were built to replicate notable places in Earth’s history. Cities such as Gotham and Metropolis have been rebuilt to house Earth’s many refugees. Built with technology from the distant future, New Metropolis is equipped to protect its citizens from threats from any superhuman or evil individual who might try to harm. Along with a well-equipped police force, city-wide AI can do everything from notifying authorities of an ongoing crime to opening underground bunkers.

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The citizens of New Metropolis are also under the protection of the Legion itself, a team of superheroes from across the galaxy officially recognized by the Federation.

1 Central City is still able to recover quickly

Central City is perhaps the safest city in CC. As the home of the second iteration of Flash – Barry Allen – Civilians can sleep soundly at night knowing they are under the watchful eye of the Scarlet Speedster. Even though there are large-scale issues, due to the fast-paced nature of Flash, they are resolved fairly quickly. The people are so safe that they have even built a huge museum for their resident hero. The Flash Museum is not only a monument to the peace of Central City, but it houses all of the tech from the previous Flash villain.

Mirror Master’s Mirror Gun, Captain Cold’s Cold Gun, Heat Wave’s Heat Gun (many of them used guns.) And the weather assistant’s wand. All these elements are exhibited in the museum. And they still clearly work since bad guys can sometimes break into the museum to steal them. However, the population still has the impression that they are not in great danger.

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