DC Comics puts apocalyptic clock and metal in absolute format


The Absolute format of oversized color hard covers was launched at Wildstom and DC Comics by Scott Dunbier, who also created the Artists Edition format at IDW. Based on how European publishers collected American comics it started with the appropriate title Absolute authority, who then used this adverb to name all subsequent volumes for other books. The format has also been copied by Marvel, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Dynamite, and pretty much everyone. And in 2022, DC Comics adds End of the world clock and Dark Nights: Metal to this list – as well as an exclusive and twice as expensive edition for the latter as well.

Absolute doomsday clock
Geoff Johns, Gary Frank
June 14, 2022 496 pages
NOTHING REALLY EVER ENDS. The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in a story that rewrites the past, present and future of comics!
Doomsday Clock finally gets the Absolute treatment! Dr. Manhattan, an almost omnipotent being in the Watchmen Universe, used his powers to rewrite the DC Universe, reshaping the history of some heroes, wiping out other heroes altogether, and playing with the fate of good and evil.
But why? What does an otherworldly divine being have to gain from the DC Universe? The mystery remains, but now that our heroes know they are being played, what can they do to stop it? Hurry up…
From Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson, the critically acclaimed team behind Shazam! and Batman: Earth One, this collection includes the revolutionary 12-issue miniseries.

More Big Books from DC Comics

Absolute Dark Nights: Metal
Absolute Dark Nights: Metal (exclusive edition)
May 1, 2022 400 pages
Dark corners of reality that have never been seen until now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger and the threats it contains arrive for the DC Universe! Welcome to a DC event like no other! The one who will push Batman, Superman and the heroes of the Justice League beyond their limits to face threats like our world has never seen! It will take the combined power of the world’s greatest heroes like you’ve never seen them before to face what lies ahead! The Dark Knights roam the far reaches of the Multiverse to hunt down the most unlikely teams: Flash, Cyborg, Raven and Detective Chimp. The mission: prevent these heroes from completing their desperate quest to save all of existence! Plus, Batman is forced to face his greatest fears while trapped in the Dark Multiverse! These stories and more are brought together in Absolute Dark Nights: Metal, which contains Dark Nights: Metal # 1-6, Batman: Lost # 1, Dark Nights: Metal Director’s Cut # 1 and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt # 1!

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