DC Comics’ 10 bravest aliens, ranked

DC basically created the genre of modern superheroes as fans know them, creating some of the most respected heroes of all time and the most dangerous and intimidating villains of all time. These heroes and villains are often iconic paragons, the Platonic ideals of heroism and wickedness. It also extends beyond Earth-born heroes and villains. There are a lot of alien characters in the DC Universe, and they’re just as brave as any of their human counterparts.

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These aliens roam the universe, doing good or causing irreparable damage, protecting or conquering. No matter the odds, they always move forward, making a name for themselves with every being they meet.

ten Despero fought the Justice League and is a well-known galactic conqueror

Despero arrives at the Arrowverse in The Flash.

Despero has been waging titanic battles against the Justice League and other aliens for years. Despero is feared throughout the universe as a conqueror, using his mental powers and physical abilities to devastate anyone who stands in his way. Despero may be evil, but there’s no denying his bravery.

Despero will fight any battle if he thinks it will end in more power for him. He has no qualms about fighting against the most powerful beings in the universe and will go into every fight with enthusiasm. There are few that frighten Despero and even that fear doesn’t stop him from fighting them.

9 Lobo made his way through the universe

Cover of 1990 issue 4 of Lobo

Lobo is not a good guy. Sure, he loves space dolphins and is known to fight on the good side of things, but he’s also committed genocide more than once and will fight any hero in his own way for fun. It’s just who Lobo is and if there’s one thing about him that no one can deny, it’s that Lobo is fearless.

Lobo doesn’t care about the odds. If there is a fight, he wants to be a part of it. If he thinks it’s justified, he goes for it. If he doesn’t think it’s warranted and just wants to fight some people, he goes for it. Lobo just likes to fight and he’s going to do it regardless of anything else.

8 Sinestro’s unwavering faith in order kept him going for years

Sinestro Corps Green Lantern Ring of Might

Sinestro was once the largest green lantern in the universe before his fascist tendencies were revealed. Sinestro went from a great hero to a terrible villain, a being for whom the end justified the means. He clashed with Hal Jordan and the Corps, fought the Justice League with the Legion of Doom, and created the Sinestro Corps, all to bring his fascist dreams to life.

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Although Sinestro is a terrible person, it’s hard to deny his bravery. His obsession with order and proving he’s the best has led him to face all comers, whatever the odds. His belief in order drives him to bravery.

7 Mon-El has lived in the Phantom Zone for millennia awaiting a cure for Daxamite lead poisoning

Mon-El Places Bottled Cities From Adventure Comics # 11

Mon-El is by far the bravest member of the Legion of Superheroes. Not because of his heroism with the team or something, but what he survived to join the team. Mon-El was friends with a young Clark Kent but was exposed to lead, which is fatal for a Damaxite. In order to save his friend’s life, Clark sent him to the Phantom Zone.

Mon-El survived in the Phantom Zone for a thousand years before being released and healed by the Legion. He has spent a thousand years surviving the horrors of the Zone and overwhelming desperation, which is nothing short of amazing and shows how strong a heart he has.

6 Hawkman spent millennia reincarnating to make up for all the blood on his hands

Hawkman with weight lifted in the air

Hawkman was once known as K’Tar and was the leader of the Deathbringers. They roamed the universe, sowing destruction but K’Tar changed because of Shrra, an angelic entity who showed him the error of his ways. The two were then cursed to continue to reincarnate through time and space in order to make up for the terrible massacre caused by K’Tar.

Always moving forward and trying to right the wrongs of his long and terrible existence, Hawkman entered battles where death and pain were almost assured. He has no problem putting his life on the line for others and will continue to do so until the end of time.

5 Hawkwoman gave up her immortality to fight side-by-side with Hawkman

Hawkwoman was once Shrra, an angelic entity who despised what the Deathbringers did and despaired. She went to their leader K’Tar and showed him the horrors of what he was doing. She linked her fate to hers and both were cursed to make up for the many deaths at K’Tar’s hands.

For K’Tar’s sake, Shrra has renounced his immortality for a possible end to help him atone for his crimes. She fought by his side year after year, life after life, always doing it so that her love could eventually be forgiven for the terrible things he did.

4 Kilowog is one of the first green lanterns in the universe

Kilowog worked his way through the Green Lantern Corps, rising through the ranks and becoming one of the toughest Green Lanterns of all time. Kilowog’s tenacity earned him the position of Corps Staff Sergeant, training the next generation of Lanterns and imparting his wisdom to them. He has also proven to be an unflappable fighter, ready to go into any fight to get the job done.

Kilowog is as tough and brave as they come. No matter the situation; if Kilowog has to go through a sea of ​​enemies with an unloaded lantern ring, he will. Even death couldn’t hold Kilowog back.

3 Supergirl overcame the loss of her world to become a hero

The Legion cover edited by Supergirl Rebirth

Unlike her cousin Kal, Kara Zor-El grew up on Krypton and remembers her home world. The loss of it hurts her deeply, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a hero. Her pain never twisted her and she followed her cousin’s lead, becoming the type of hero who will do anything to protect the innocent.

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It’s easy to say that Supergirl’s powers are what make her brave, but there’s so much more to it. She has overcome great sorrow and great pain and believes that everyone deserves a chance to live free and happy. She will do anything to make it happen, fight any fight, and keep fighting in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

2 Martian Manhunter overcame great fear

Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, but his weakness isn’t just common enough. Fire is something that happens all the time and it’s even more likely to happen in massive superhero battles. Martian Manhunter doesn’t let that stop him from fighting, as his dedication to justice is more important to him than his life.

Martian Manhunter has lost his home world and continues. For him, the universe is a lonely place and he will not allow what happened to him to happen to anyone else. This overcomes any fear he has and keeps him in battle no matter what.

1 Superman is the heroic ideal

It’s easy to forget that Superman is an alien; he has become an integral part of the Earth and its culture and is one of the most human heroes there is. Although he never knew Krypton, his loss has always colored his life and is part of what drives him one. The other is the teachings of the Kents, who taught him to be a fearless crusader for good. These two factors made Superman a heroic ideal, a role model for all who know him.

Superman’s bravery is unmatched. Of course, he is powerful, but he pounces on beings who could kill him without fear. Nothing intimidates him; there is a reason the battle he is waging is called endless.

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