Charitable contributions, donations for tax deductions:

ATLANTA, December 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today is the last day to donate to Rescue Me, a local pet shelter, humanitarian society, or other 501c3 pet rescue to receive a 2021 tax deduction. Rescue Me operates a 135 acre animal rescue center for dogs with special needs dogs, and its website has become one of the most visited charity websites in the world, having helped save over a million pets.

Links to donate to some of Rescue Me’s most popular rescue dog breeds include: Donate to Lab Rescue, Donate to French Bulldog Rescue, Donate to German Shepherd Rescue, Donate to Golden Retriever Rescue, Donate to Poodle Rescue, Donate to Beagle Rescue, Donate to Rottweiler Rescue, Donate to Pointer Rescue, Donate to Dachshund Rescue, Donate to Corgi Rescue, Donate to Australian Shepherd Rescue, Donate to Yorkshire Terrier Rescue, Donate to Boxer Rescue

In addition to finding homes for thousands of stray dogs and cats each week, Rescue Me provides donated food and pet supplies after natural disasters.

Whether it’s donating to Rescue Me or a local pet shelter, year-end tax deductions provide the funding nonprofit charities need to operate and save the world. more pets every year. Make sure to verify that any charity you donate to is listed as a tax-exempt organization on the IRS website. Look for a page like this IRS verification page for Rescue Me on the IRS site.

About Save me
Rescue Me is a 501c3 international nonprofit charitable organization based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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