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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A frustrated store owner asks for help after saying a man tried to break into his business twice in a week.

The suspect tried to get into Video Game Exchange and Comics. The store is located near North Nevada Avenue, northeast of Colorado Springs. The suspect’s video is at the top of this article or you can see a photo at the bottom.

Owner Patrick Romero says he’s been nervous since the break-in attempts. He says he can’t stop worrying that this might happen a third time.

Over the weekend, the suspect was filmed. Romero says he used a glass breaker on the windows. He failed and left. Then early Thursday he was back. For about five minutes, he tried to kick open the door with a crowbar. The alarm went off and he ran.

“Why come and play with a small business. To be honest, I don’t even know what he’s looking for. All of our belongings are secure and tied up at night, ”Romero said.

Romero hopes someone recognizes the man, then this will all end.

“To be honest with you, it hurts a lot. I can’t sleep at night. I always wonder if something is going on, ”Romero said.

Romero says he’s increasing his security by adding more cameras around his business. As well as bars to secure the front.

If you recognize this man or know of any information, contact Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000 and reference case number 21-35069 or 21-35698.

Colorado Springs video game and comic book store attempted to break into two

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Every comic character confirmed to appear in Eternals Thu, 23 Sep 2021 16:04:06 +0000

Marvel’s November release The Eternals is fast approaching, and while fans now know more about the film thanks to the latest trailer, there is still a lot of unknowns. What we know is that The Eternals will introduce leading actors to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which many fans are excited to see join the franchise.

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While the character history of the comics can be used to speculate on how the Eternals will fit into the MCU, there are already big changes confirmed from the original versions. While there may still be a few surprises in store, many characters from the Marvel comics are already confirmed to appear in The Eternals.

13 Thena has a connection to the leader of the deviants

Thena in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Fans are thrilled that a big name like Angelina Jolie is joining the MCU. Although not to be confused with the Greek goddess Athena, the similarity of their names is significant. In the comics, the Eternals have formed an alliance with the gods to act as their representatives on Earth, much like they do for the Celestials.

Movies can forgo the connection to the gods and establish that the Eternals were those the ancient Greeks considered gods, as happened with other Eternals in the comics. Another important aspect of Thena’s character in the comics is his relationship with a Deviant, one of the enemies the Eternals are on Earth to defend him from.

12 Sersi is the heart of the Eternals

Sersi in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Sersi of Gemma Chan should be the focus of The Eternals, with her love for humans likely making her act as a bridge between humanity and the titular group. In the comics, Sersi is pretty much the same, advocating for peace between humans and the Eternals.

Like its cinematic counterpart, the Sersi comic also loves humanity and chooses to live among mortals. Sersi has had some nasty tricks in the comics, though it looks like the movie will describe her as the purest of all the Eternals.

11 Ikaris is much more than Marvel’s Superman

Ikaris in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Although Thena appears to have been the leader of the Eternals at one point, Richard Madden’s Ikaris appears to take control of the Eternals during the film. Like many Eternals, details of the story involving Ikaris have been kept under wraps, but he has so far been shown to have abilities similar to Superman.

In the comics, Ikaris is also portrayed as one of the strongest Eternals, and his comic counterpart is even more powerful than what Ikaris has shown in the MCU thus far.

ten Sprite is a troublemaker in both the movie and the comics

Sprite in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In The Eternals, Lia McHugh will play the Young at Heart Sprite. In the comics, Sprite is a trouble-making trickster, similar to Loki, and enjoys mingling and meddling with mortal life, a trait the MCU Sprite also appears to have.

Sprite was originally a boy in the comics, inspired by similar characters like Shakespeare’s Peter Pan and Puck. However, Sprite was recently reborn as a girl, just in time for her MCU debut.

9 Gilgamesh has been a super strong hero throughout history

Gilgamesh in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Gilgamesh is physically the Strongest Eternal, with Don Lee portraying the character in the film. In the Marvel comics, Gilgamesh is the same individual from Sumerian mythology, who has been confused with other legendary heroes over the centuries like Hercules and Beowulf.

Gilgamesh is perhaps the most heroic of all of the Eternals, as evidenced by the number of times he has intervened throughout history. The Eternals has a long way to go, so he might not go into the details of Gilgamesh’s past, but there’s a good chance he’ll stay the same.

8 Kingo loves fame and attention

Kingo in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Kingo will be played by Kumail Nanjiani and is one of the Eternals who has been fairly widely featured in marketing so far. In the comics, Kingo was associated with Japanese culture, learning the ways of the samurai of feudal Japan, and then using those skills nowadays to become an action movie star.

Rather than being associated with Japan, MCU’s Kingo instead settled in India. However, her celebrity status and love for fame have been preserved, with trailers showing Kingo as a big Bollywood star.

7 Phastos is the brain of the Eternals


Phastos is the master weapons smith and inventor of technology for the Eternals while helping humanity in technological advancement in secret. Throughout history, Phastos has been confused with the Greek god Hephaestus, who served the same purpose.

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Brian Tyree Henry will represent Phastos in the MCU, and with all the gadgets and inventions that have been shown around Phastos in the trailers, it looks like his role in the comics will continue as well. In addition, Phastos will have a family and a husband to The Eternals, adding more LGTBQ representation to the MCU.

6 Gender is not the only change for Makkari

Makkari in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In the comics, Makkari is eternally credited with teaching humans how to write and possesses superhuman speed, possibly exceeding the powers of speed that have been shown in the MCU thus far. Aside from the powers being the same, Makkari is undergoing some major changes for the big screen adaptation.

Like Sprite, Makkari has changed his gender from his comic book counterpart and will be played by Lauren Ridloff in The Eternals. Additionally, Ridloff is Marvel’s first deaf actress, making Makkari the MCU’s first deaf superhero.

5 Ajak is the one with whom the celestials have chosen to communicate

Ajak in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

In Marvel’s comic continuity, Ajak is revealed to be a powerful fighter capable of flight and is associated with the ancient Aztecs. Moreover, Ajak is the Eternal generally chosen by the Celestials with whom to communicate.

Ajak will be played by Salma Hayek in The Eternals, making her the third Eternal to be changed from male to female for their film debut. As in the comics, Ajak appears to be the primary link between the Eternals and the Celestials, although his other abilities are still unknown.

4 Druig is rarely an ally of the rest of the Eternals

Druig in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Druig will be played by Barry Keoghan and is shaping up to be one of the more complex characters in The Eternals. In the film, Druig has separated himself from the rest of the Eternals due to disagreements with them over interactions with the people of Earth.

It is possible that he aligns himself with the Deviants, although his true allegiance is a mystery. In the comics, Druig is even more power-hungry and evil, reveling in brutality and torture, and even aligning himself with Thanos.

3 Dane Whitman will eventually become the Dark Knight

Dane Whitman Black Knight in Eternals and Marvel Comics

While not an Eternal, the comic book character fans are most eager to see is Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman. Besides the obvious excitement of having both Game Of Thrones veterans Kit Harington and Richard Madden join the MCU in the same movie, The Eternals will likely set up a bigger role for Harington’s character.

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In the comics, Dane Whitman is a normal human who becomes the Dark Knight when he comes into possession of the Cursed Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is similar to Thor’s Mjolnir, except that it relies on the impurity and negative emotions of its wearer rather than forcing them to be worthy.

2 Kro looks very different in the comics

Marvel Studio's Eternals Kro

Kro is the leader of the Deviants villains and is expected to be the main antagonist of The Eternals. So far, Marvel has not revealed who will be providing Kro’s voice, but fans expect it to be Dan Stevens.

Compared to the comics, Kro’s appearance in the MCU is very different and may signal new changes in his characterization. Kro in The Eternals looks a lot more alien than his appearance as a Purple Devil in the comics. Kro also had a relationship with Thena in the comics, and while it’s unclear what their reason for meeting is, the latest trailer showed them alone together.

1 Earth’s odds don’t look good with Arishem as the judge

Arishem the judge in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

The Eternals are known to work under the guidance of the ancient and mighty Celestials, as briefly seen in guardians of the galaxy. It is confirmed that at least one of these beings appears in The Eternals in the form of Arishem the judge. Arishem can be seen in trailers for The Eternals, appearing first to communicate with The Eternals, then in a menacing close-up of the Celestial.

In the comics, Arishem’s goal is to eliminate the deviants, and the Eternals are likely his allies for that purpose. However, Arishem is called the judge because he decides whether the inhabitants of a planet are worthy of salvation or destruction. If Arishem deems Earth unworthy, it will likely be a major source of conflict in the film.

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Storm and Red Riding Hood

10 beloved DC companions who failed when they were introduced

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Fan of Selena Quintanilla? This Selena comic is hitting shelves, online store Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:51:00 +0000

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re a fan of Selena, there’s a comic you might want to add to your shelf.

TidalWave Comics released a new twist on both Selena Quintanilla comics for Texan retailer Bedrock City Comics. This is the most recent book biography in her “Female Force” series focused on women making an impact around the world.

Written by Michael Frizell with illustrations by Ramon Salas, it’s a 22-page comic that fans can pick up at various locations on Saturday, as well as online. The cover was created by comic book artist Dave Ryan.

The book is published in honor of “Hispanic Heritage Month”.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with TidalWave for two exclusive covers of their tribute comic book Selena! The English version features a color palette in homage to Selena’s legendary performance at the Houston Rodeo, in honor of our city and of his immense love for her. The version features Selena with her two most iconic colors, her iconic white and purple. Houston’s love and fondness for Selena cannot be underestimated, so we hope this tale of its history will reach the hands of new and longtime fans, ”said Dylan Dusebout, Marketing Director of Bedrock City.

The “Feminine Forceimprint features influential authors, business leaders, artists, journalists, politicians and activists. The latest biopic comic joins TidalWave’s library of over 200 comic book biographies. – Previous titles profiled Dolly parton, Nancy Reagan, Kamala Harris, Betty White, Michelle Obama, Barbra Streisand in Cher and Gloria Steinem.

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DC Comics’ Aquaman: Comic Book Review of Becoming # 1 Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:22:38 +0000

DC Comics‘ Aquaman: The Becoming # 1 places Jackson Hyde in a coming-of-age (and Atlantean hero status) story that’s brimming with promise.

Opening of the new DC Comics Pride series, Aquaman: Becoming # 1 shows Jackson Hyde giving up his sidekick status to take on the role of Aquaman. Aqualad, a fan favorite character featured prominently in the New 52, Teen Titans, and the Young justice the television series is portrayed here as a teenager who enjoys having fun with everything – despite the love life – understood. With art by Diego Olortegui and Wade Von Grawbadger, colors by Adriano Lucas, lettering from AndWorld Design and handwriting by Brandon Thomas, Aquaman: Becoming gives Jackson’s perfect little world a rude and upsetting awakening.

Aquaman: Becoming # 1 opens onto the battlefield. Apokolips is ravaged and Aqualad is the last thing that stands between Earth and utter annihilation … And then the training simulation expires. Escaping from the Atlantis VR Center, Jackson sets aside time for his mentors Aquaman and Mera before meeting his mother on the surface. Sneaking through the admiring crowd, he catches up to his mother and is confused by the new waiter. Their breakfast is cut short when superhero duty calls, which also gives Mum Hyde time to question the new boy in town. As Jackson juggles to break up a hostage situation, it becomes clear that someone is watching him. Soon Jackson is attacked in Atlantis by a mysterious alien. After a brutal fight, it’s clear Jackson’s life will never be the same again.

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Aquaman: Jackson Hyde of becoming

In Aquaman: Becoming # 1, Thomas has crafted a solid debut album that captures the characters and their dynamics well. Thomas creates a playful atmosphere at the start of the number that suits the final dramatic tonal change. The issue has mostly a healthy quality, but its ending promises that the next issue will be high octane. At the center of this series is, of course, the LGBTQ element of Aqualad’s character. Jackson’s sexuality is effortlessly incorporated into the fabric of the narrative. Moments like Aquaman casually threatening to help Jackson find a new boyfriend or his overprotective mother feel organic and truly heartwarming, while further informing their characterization.

Olortegui and Von Grawbadger’s pencils and inking, respectively, are vibrant and striking, forming a bold illustration style that elevates the dynamic tone of the writing. Line art is especially brilliant in capturing action sequences, using a mixture of textures to convey movement and surprisingly visceral violence. The backgrounds are beautifully detailed, often with intricate line art, and their character designs are charming and well balanced between expressive and naturalistic.

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Lucas’s colors match the high standards set by the number illustration. Lucas’ masterful and varied use of vibrant, graduated and pastel colors lends a distinctive flavor to each piece and sequence. AndWorld Design’s lettering is solid throughout, with inventive echo effects in the second half of the number that help establish the grim change of tone.

Aquaman: Becoming # 1 charts a bold path to a definitive Jackson Hyde coming of age story. Overall, the first issue is brimming with promise. Right off the bat, this episode of the Pride series seems like more of a DC title focused on a gay character than specifically a queer love story. Those looking for something more rom-com oriented would do well to look elsewhere. That being said, this chapter in Aqualad’s story is a pleasure to read and hopefully spark more headlines that revolve around Jackson Hyde.

READ MORE: Aqualad Champions DC’s New Focus on LGBTQ + Audiences

Marvel Unlimited Kit Header

New Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus Kit Includes Exclusive Kitty Pryde Figure

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ridiculed in Australian TV show as Duchess joke is ‘gold digger’ Tue, 21 Sep 2021 06:47:00 +0000

The cover of MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry’s Time was mocked on Australian television as the comedians joked that the Duchess was posing for a “gold digger” magazine.

The couple were named to the publication’s 100 Most Influential People list on Wednesday.


Australian comic Ed Kavalee joked that Meghan posed for a ‘gold digger’ magazineCredit: Ten
Meghan and Harry named Time to 100 influencers list


Meghan and Harry named Time to 100 influencers listCredit: Reuters

But, the Duke and Duchess were toasted by several Australian comics on the show “Have You Been Paying Attention”.

The program is the national version of Mock the Week.

Panelists were asked which publication featured Harry and Meghan on their cover, MailOnline reports.

Comic Luke McGregor suggested a tech magazine called “PC Gaming” while Ed Kavalee joked “Better Homes and Golddiggers”.

The quip was a reference to the craft and interior design magazine Better Homes and Gardens which has been around since the 1920s.

A snap of the Duke and Duchess appears on the cover of the magazine with Harry dressed in black as he stands behind his wife.

Other photos show the couple wearing matching green outfits in front of a yellow wall.

And another shot shows them walking in a garden holding hands.

?? Read our live blog on Meghan and Harry for the latest updates

The magazine praised Harry and Meghan for “running into wrestling” in a world where “everyone has an opinion about people they don’t know”.

But, they have become the butt of many jokes after the images were posted online.

Social media users said the photos looked ‘awkward’ while others suggested they had been ‘photoshopped’.

One Twitter user said: “Harry looks completely uncomfortable looking behind his wife like that.”

Someone else wrote: “Wow, this pic says it all. There’s no hiding who’s in control.”

Others asked Time if they were “desperate” for the candidates.


It comes after Meghan and Harry were roasted by comedian Cedric The Entertainer at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards.

The host, 57, told guests at the star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles: “As great as The Crown is, he’s pale compared to the real monarchy.”

The comedian continued, “I mean that Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan. It was real tea there, wasn’t it?”

Oprah’s explosive interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was watched by more than 49 million people worldwide in the first three days after it aired.

Cedric took a hit with the royals saying they would need Archie to teach them how to dance.

The cast members of The Crown would look sheepish as the comedian joked on stage, according to the Metro.

Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan lost an Emmy Award on Stanley Tucci’s Italian cooking show.

Cedric The Entertainer mocked Harry and Meghan at Emmy ceremony


Cedric The Entertainer mocked Harry and Meghan at Emmy ceremonyCredit: Getty

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Superman’s 9 wickedest comedic moments Mon, 20 Sep 2021 18:30:00 +0000

Content Warning: This article contains references to graphic violence and shootings.

Affectionately nicknamed the “Great Blue Scout,” Superman, at his best, is generally humble, gentle, and basically, the perfect neighbor. Despite his incredible strength and power, this down-to-earth superhero often does his best to seek non-violent solutions to problems posed by his enemies. However, even Superman has his limits.

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Throughout her comic book history, her patience has been tested to such extreme degrees that no lifelong restraint has held back her anger and, in turn, her transformation from a sweet superhero into an angry god. Non-villainous Superman always has a bad side, and the bad guys at the front desk may find the Man of Tomorrow to be pretty scary.

9 Action comics # 1

An image of Superman throwing a man off the roof in Action Comics # 1

Typically, “I’m your worst nightmare,” is something Batman would say, but in Grant Morrison’s revised version when the New 52 reboots in 2011, Action comics # 1, Superman leads precisely with this. Facing a corrupt businessman atop his tower, Superman – with glowing eyes – leaves an unconscious henchman and shattered walls in his wake.

Seeking a confession, Superman drops the criminal off the edge of the rooftop, allowing him to fall into the street far below before grabbing him at the last second, terrifying him to the point that he eventually confesses all of his wrongdoing. This debut of a tougher Superman, not afraid of getting his hands dirty, says a lot about this new take, generating mixed feelings from fans of the New 52’s Superman.

8 Superman: Earth One Volume Two

An image of Superman standing on the roof with soldiers in Earth One Vol 2

“Who has arms makes the rules” were the words of a military dictator, ruling over his oppressed people with an iron fist. In the epilogue of J. Michael Straczynski’s second volume from his Elseworld Superman: Earth One saga, its harsher version of the last son of Krypton comes back to the dictator in the fictional land of Borada to say, “I decided you were right.”

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Therefore, Superman led the citizens to a cache of weapons, allowing them to arm themselves. “They too decided you were right, ”he explained. As the rebels burst into the dictator’s room, Superman left his fate to the arms of the angry masses. It was one of the comics’ many controversial deviations from a Superman who would save any life.

7 What happened to the man of tomorrow?

Angry Superman hurting innocent civilians with his laser eyes in Man of Tomorrow

Alan Moore’s dark and violent resolve to the story of a non-canon Superman portrays the deaths of characters like Pete Ross, Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang, and even Krypto the Superdog. These deaths were attributable to a team of supervillains gathered to defeat him by one of Superman’s best villains, Mr. Mxyzptlk, who had turned into complete evil. As a result, readers saw Superman do something that would be considered unusual.

His frustration eventually explodes into rage as he viciously attacks the remaining villains threatening his friends. Using their telepathic powers, the Legion of Villains determined that he, the normally pacifist Superman, intended to kill them, which ultimately led the frightened villains to flee. However, he ended up shocking readers by bleeding his hands, killing Mr. Mxyzptlk by dividing him between two dimensions. It was certainly something that no one had seen coming, which made fans wonder what else he was capable of if he got pushed too far.

6 Superman: Brainiac

An image of Superman fighting Brainiac in the comics

Perhaps the definitive story of Brainiac, Geoff Johns’ comic book involves the titular supervillain revealing his true form and launching a grand invasion to rob one of Earth’s cities. He is thwarted, but the shock of the incident leads to one of the most heartbreaking deaths in Superman comics as Jonathan Kent dies after a sudden heart attack.

Grieving, Superman later enters the high-tech prison where Brainiac is being held and brutally beats him to death, covering his face in the villain’s green blood until it is revealed that he was simply imagining the act. . Fantasizing about killing the man who killed his adoptive father was certainly a dark place for such a colorful symbol of hope. However, it also showed his more human side as it showed that he could be so overwhelmed with emotion as anyone. other.

5 Superman: for tomorrow

An image of Superman speaking to the villain in For Tomorrow

The saga in 12 issues of Brian Azzarello from Superman # 204 (2004-2005) featured one of the most fascinating changes to the character – a Superman without his Clark Kent side, who was just a little harsher and less enjoyable. At one point, elemental giants of Earth threaten humanity, demanding the departure of Superman.

Knowing that the Earth itself was threatening to kill all life, Superman gave a chilling warning: “And when you do, I’ll always be there. So I’ll burn your ozone and rip out your atmosphere. I’ll vaporize your oceans and shatter you. separate with bare hands. I will scatter you, and you will not to be more. ”The ultimatum worked and the Creepy Giants stepped back, leaving readers wondering if he really would have.

4 kingdom come

An image of Superman speaking to the villain in For Tomorrow

In the epic of Mark Waid and Alex Ross in 1996, a plan, created by Superman, to imprison the dangerous metahumans of the world goes awry, and masses of overpowered beings fight in a conflict that threatens the human race. In choosing to eliminate the problem, the United Nations is firing a nuclear weapon into the raging battle, leading Captain Marvel (“Shazam” today) to sacrifice his life to stop it.

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Sadly, Superman was still one of the few survivors, with the dust and bones of friends and foes filling him with new rage. He flew to the United Nations to unleash “an anger that would make Satan tremble himself,” almost crushing the delegates before coming to his senses. He was like an angry god in keeping with the religious themes of the comic, almost crossing a terrible line.

3 What is so funny about the truth, the justice and the American way?

An image of a severely beaten Superman in What's So Funny About Truth Justice and the American Way

Posted in Action comics # 775 (2001), the Joe Kelly comic book tells the story of a team of metahumans who willingly kill villains threatening innocent people. Much to Superman’s dismay, people have taken a liking to these “heroes” and their bloody rampage. The increasingly violent “Elite” then challenged him to fight to decide who is best able to protect the world.

After seemingly defeating the Man of Tomorrow, they are shocked to discover that the Blue Boy Scout has snapped, unleashing incredible brutality against the vigilantes. Using heat vision, he burned the power-granting organ inside their bloodied leader’s head before revealing he only wanted to make a point. The elite and the readers learned that day why Superman is still holding back. If taken too far, the world’s greatest hero could easily become the world’s toughest villain.

2 Superman: birthright

Superman shoots a gun in DC comics

In Mark Waid’s 2003 fan favorite origin story for Superman, the Man of Steel saves a school of teenage shooters before flying to the gun store that illegally sold their guns to the underage customers.

Fed up with the owner’s lies after confronting him, Superman picked up one of the many pistols, pointed it at the terrified merchant and pulled the trigger. Superman stopped the bullet a foot from his head, leaving the sweaty and traumatized man with a warning he will never forget after he tied him up with his own molten guns. It was the first sign that Waid’s Superman would be a shade darker than any of the other issues they had seen, as well as the storylines.

1 For the man who has everything

Superman threatens to burn alien in DC comics

In Superman Yearly # 11 (1985), Kal-El found himself immersed in an alternate reality where Krypton never died, and he lives comfortably in his home world with his own family. In a surprising plot, the galactic supervillain Mongul affixed him the Black Mercy – a parasitic alien plant feeding on the psychic energy of the victim’s false dream of a perfect life.

Deeply enraged that the supervillain offered him such a happy dream to tear him apart, Superman unleashed hell on Mongul without restraint. It remains one of the character’s scariest moments, showing Superman to his utter anger. He is only pulled out of his rage when he notices the statue of his birth parents wielding his long-gone world.

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10 Superman Comics twists everyone saw coming

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The Walking Dead remixes Major Michonne reveals comics Mon, 20 Sep 2021 01:55:00 +0000

The walking dead serves up a slice of comics when Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) reunites with her long-lost brother Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) in the Commonwealth, putting a twist on Michonne’s family reunion. Spoiler warning for Season 11 Episode 5, “Out of the Ashes”. After arriving at a Commonwealth outpost and finding her photo on the Wall of the Lost in the Season 11 premiere, “Acheron: Part 1,” Yumiko’s pre-apocalypse status as a premier lawyer plan entitles him to certain privileges. During treatment in “Acheron: Part 2,” Yumiko asks about a family member – a thoracic surgeon before the Fall – who she says lives in the Commonwealth and researches.

“Out of the Ashes” brings Yumiko and Tomi together at the “Elodie’s Treats” bakery, named after the long-lost girl Michonne believed died in the comics. Number 176 of The walking dead ends with Michonne and her teenage daughter, who now work as a baker at Sixth Street Bakery in the Commonwealth, hugging each other in a tearful reunion.

(Photo: AMC Studios)

The walking dead pays homage to meeting Elodie and Michonne by asking Tomi to drop her fancy decorated cake upon seeing Miko for the first time in years. Tomi reveals he fled Chicago at the start of the outbreak and ran out of gas about 20 miles north of Charleston, West Virginia, where he joined people who ended up in the Commonwealth transformed into a safe haven by the Miltons.

(Photo: Image Comics / AMC Studios)

The ex-surgeon is happy to bake cakes. When he silences Yumiko about his old profession, he tells her, “Are you still trying to rule people’s lives, Miko?” This hints at a story as to why the Okumura siblings spent years apart, even before the apocalypse:

“If we had to do the math in the context of the show, I think it would be at least 15 years since Yumiko would have seen her family depending on the backstory I worked with. [showrunner] Angela [Kang]”said Matsuura Comic on the adaptation of Michonne’s comic book story. “In terms of the apocalypse, we’ve got at least 12 years on the road in this show. So if anyone from my past is going to resurface, it’s going to be at least 15 years since I’ve been apart from them, which is pretty huge. ”

“I mean, obviously it’s great,” she added, “but I’d also be a little nervous to date someone after 15 years.”

Follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter for everything related to the TWD universe. The Walking Dead Season 11 airs Sundays at 9 / 8c on AMC.

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X-Men: 10 best comic book numbers of the 1990s Sun, 19 Sep 2021 16:30:00 +0000

The X-Men changed dramatically in the 1990s. After the late 1980s, with some of the most iconic X-Men storylines, the ’90s opened with the team scattered and scattered. However, soon the mutants reformed with new creative teams and a new look. There were also several new books created to tell the stories.

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Along with the new books came several diverse teams including X-Force, X-Factor, and even different X-Men teams with multiple leaders and various missions. However, the 1990s lacked the groundbreaking storylines of the previous decade, and things started to run out of steam again in the later years of the decade, with most of the best comics arriving in the first half of the 1990s.

ten X-Men # 1 (October 1991)

The X-Men come together to fight Magneto in X-Men # 1.

The best-selling comic book in history was 1991 X Men # 1. On the contrary, it proved that The Mutant Team was one of the most popular superhero comics and the backbone of the Marvel Universe. That alone made it an important book as it brought the X-Men back to the forefront.

It brought all of the X-Men together after they broke up in some of the best X-Men comics of the late 1980s. It even split them into two teams, Team Blue with Cyclops and Team Gold with Storm. More important again, X Men # 1 was the beginning of longtime writer Chris Claremont’s final story for the franchise he helped define and popularize in the ’70s and’ 80s.

9 Uncanny X-Men # 283 (December 1991)

Bishop yells at Storm who points to him in X-Men # 283.

After having divided the team into Blue and Gold teams, it is the Gold team which remained in the pages of Strange X-Men, with Storm as the X-Men leader of this team. This team then immediately had one of the first big X-Men storylines of the early 1990s with Bishop’s Crossing.

Bishop made his first appearance in Strange X-Men # 282 and in the next issue, changed the history of the X-Men forever. Bishop came to the X-Men timeline of an apocalyptic future where the Sentinels ruled the world and hinted at what would happen a few years later with the Age of the Apocalypse scenario. This issue not only firmly established Bishop as a key figure in the X-men, but also heightened the threat of other future timelines where the mutantkind was eradicated.

8 X-Men # 25 (October 1993)

The X-Men fight Magneto in X-Men # 25.

One of the most important Marvel comics of the 1990s, X-Men or otherwise, arrived in 1993 with X Men # 25. This issue changed one of the most popular characters in the X-Men for years to come and set the Marvel Universe ending as fans knew it.

This was the final battle with Magneto and part 4 of the Fatal attractions scenario. In this issue, the X-Men attacked Magneto in his space station and it ended with Magneto ripping Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton off and Professor X shutting down Magneto’s mind. Wolverine has never been the same for years, and Xavier’s actions created Onslaught, a powerful being so strong he killed the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

7 X-Men # 30 (March 1994)

Cyclops and Jean Gray get married in X-Men # 30.

X Men # 30 was a great 90s X-Men comic for a different reason. This is where longtime lovers Cyclops and Jean Gray finally got married. These two original X-Men members had a long and eventful relationship which included Jean becoming the Phoenix in one of the best X-Men comic book numbers of the 1970s.

They seemed almost destined to get married and in this issue, it finally happened. It was a rare happy moment for the X-Men. And there wasn’t a bad guy to fight to be found. The issue also had a touching appearance of a weakened, adamantium-free Wolverine, who warned an imprisoned Sabretooth not to spoil the peaceful nuptials.

6 Uncanny X-Men # 316 (September 1994)

Sabretooth grinds his teeth as Monet poses on the side in X-Men # 316.

Strange X-Men # 316 saw the start of the Alliance of the Phalanx scenario. This event began when Stephen Lang and Cameron Hodge introduced the Phalanx, a techno-organic foe that began attacking mutants. The problem is, the Phalanx didn’t stop at mutants and wanted to enslave the entire population of Earth.

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The war started in this issue when Sabretooth returned to the X-Mansion and saw a lot of mutants there. However, something was wrong and he soon realized that it wasn’t the X-Men, but the shape-shifting Phalanx, which caused the former villain to help a team. X-Men motley comprising Banshee, Jubilee and Emma Frost to defeat the organic techno villains.

5 X-Men # 41 (February 1995)

Magneto holding a dead Professor X in X-Men # 41.

X Men # 41 was a familiar moment because, again, a matter of X Men changed the whole world. It was the last issue of Quest for the Legion storyline, which saw Professor X’s son, Legion, decide he needed to fix the world.

Legion went back in time and decided that if he killed Magneto before he became a villain, the world would be a safer place. What he didn’t expect was that Professor X would sacrifice his life to save Magneto. With Xavier dead, Legion never existed and the world changed from that point on. This question has not only brought up the next Age of the Apocalypse storyline but fundamentally rocked the X-Men readership. For the very first time ever, all X titles have been canceled and replaced with a plethora of mini-series depicting the alternate reality Legion inadvertently created.

4 X-Men: Alpha # 1 (February 1995)

Wolverine jumps to attack Sabretooth in X-Men Alpha # 1.

The first issue after Quest for the Legion ended up shocking Marvel Comics readers in the 1990s. X-Men: Alpha # 1, everything was different and no one knew what to expect. With the death of Professor X, Magneto became a hero fighting for good, but the world was never safe again.

This problem started on Age of the Apocalypse, one of the most famous X-Men alternate story storylines ever created. The apocalypse reigned over this world, which had been transformed into an apocalyptic desert. This event also brought new characters to the mainstream Marvel Universe as it came to an end, including X-Man (Nate Gray), Dark Beast (who was later revealed to be the mastermind behind the Morlock Mutant massacre event in the 1980s) and Sugar Man.

3 Uncanny X-Men # 334 (July 1996)

Jean Gray confronts Juggernaut in Uncanny X-Men # 334.

The moment Professor X shut down Magneto’s mind in the 1993s X Men # 25, the story has been set up for this crucial issue. Three years later, Xavier paid the price for his thoughtless decision, just like the rest of the Marvel Universe.

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A series of Marvel crossover events started here with Assault, who saw a being composed of the minds of Professor X and Magneto set out to destroy the world. This issue saw Juggernaut show up, knowing something bad was about to happen, and he took out any X-Men that stood in his way until someone listened to him.

2 Uncanny X-Men # 340 (January 1997)

Iceman holding his father in his arms in X-Men # 340.

Strange X-Men # 340 was a personal issue that showed how much being a mutant really hurts these characters. One of the greatest story arcs running in X Men the comic is that these heroes were born with their powers and have no control over whether they want to be a mutant or not.

In it, Graydon Creed was running for President of the United States in an anti-mutant campaign. When Iceman’s father changed his mind and proudly revealed that his son was a mutant, an anti-mutant hate group led by Creed attacked him and nearly killed him. The book deals with the outcome of this traumatic event and the often strained relationship between parents and their mutant children.

1 X-Men # 70 (December 1997)

The new X-Men, including Marrow and Maggott, spring into action in X-Men # 70.

After Assault destroyed the Marvel universe and reset things with two different Earths, the mutants of the X-Men began to change. This happened drastically in X Men # 70 where newer and younger mutants played a part in the main team.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Maggott, and Marrow all joined the X-Men and were rebellious and completely out of control. This was Marvel’s way of shaking up the status quo, and while this comic was a great start, the company struggled to keep things interesting for the rest of the decade, as the X-Men began. to lose popularity until the arrival of the film Fox. 2000.

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Netflix adapts Grendel from Dark Horse Comics to TV series Sun, 19 Sep 2021 03:45:56 +0000

Netflix announced it will bring award-winning comics from Dark Horse Comics and creator Matt Wagner Grendel to life with an eight-episode live-action TV series.

Written by Andrew Dabb (Supernatural), the series will star Abubakr Ali (Power Book II: Ghost) as Hunter Rose, a gifted swordsman, writer and assassin who seeks to avenge the death of a lost love by going to war with the New York underworld… but why beat them, when you can join them? “

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Grendel saga, one of the oldest independent comic book series, finally translated into live-action for the screen, ”says Wagner,“ Under the wise leadership of showrunner Andrew Dabb, our incredible creative team, a stellar cast and Dark Horse Entertainment has teamed up with Netflix to produce this provocative adaptation that will bring my characters and concepts to a whole new audience while providing excitement and surprises for die-hard fans. I’m especially excited to see Abubakr Ali bring the character of Grendel / Hunter Rose to life – he has the charisma, style and vital edginess that I’ve envisioned in the role for years.

Alongside Ali, the Grendel adaptation will star Jaime Ray Newman (Sick) like Jocasta Rose, Julian Black Antilope (Flash) like silver, Madeline Zima (Californication) like Liz Sparks, Kevin Corrigan (Lowering) like Barry Palumbo, Emma Ho (The extent) like Stacy, Erik Palladino (Watchmen) like Teddy Ciccone, Brittany Allen (What keeps you alive) like Annabelle Wright and Andy Mientus (Flash) like Larry Stohler.


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Y: The Last Man: a fun comic in which every man is dead | TV & radio Sat, 18 Sep 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Hard to love a TV show with a terrible name, right? But still, Y: The Last Man (Wednesday, Disney +) is here. It’s based on a series of comics, and you can tell. You can tell because: one of the main people is called Yorick. His sister? Her sister’s name is Hero. And they’re all running in a post-apocalyptic world where every living creature with a Y chromosome has suddenly bled from its eyes and is dead – and yes, that includes the President! – and we were immersed in the beginning of the end. Look up into the metallic sky, Yorick, where a helicopter is ominously hovering. A lot of significant graffiti apparently appeared overnight. We’re in a sci-fi disaster, folks, there’s no question about it. Oh, look: Yorick’s best friend is a monkey. I already know that at some point in this series, someone will become really good at using a bow and arrow.

Every time I write about a new sci-fi series I get emails calling me “a moron idiot”, so I shyly advance here, but: at first glance, this series stupidly named on every guy on Earth catching the ultimate L is actually pretty good. It does this in several subtle ways: don’t dwell too much on the actual incident, to begin with; instead, speeding up a few days while everyone who stays watches the cities and economies crumble as bodies pile up, giving luxurious stage time to seemingly less central characters and actually leaving them to be characters instead of empty tropes to populate a generic dystopia.

And it’s beautifully shot and soundtrack. Diane Lane is in excellent royal form but with human concerns as the new President of Unexpected Crisis; Ashley Romans, as Agent 355, is delightfully impossible to guess; Olivia Thirlby’s hero is really spending her day. In Ben Schnetzer’s Yorick, Y: The Last Man has an intriguing final cis male character – he’s goofy and serious, without having had any part of his life together when society was normal, but is suddenly plunged into a disaster storyline with only his years as an amateur escapist and a cheeky monkey sidekick to save him. It should be some absurd caricature bolt that derails the whole thing; instead, it brings it all together.

Y: The Last Man reminds me of those few good episodes of Heroes they did in 2006 before they started doing Irish accents, in the sense that, yes, the central vanity is really ‘comic book fantasy’, but tells good human stories against an incredible sci-fi architecture backdrop makes for something utterly captivating. Big budget sci-fi series tend to go two ways, I find, and please don’t email me to correct me – the first episode is a bunch of coded MacGuffintalk ( “Madam President, we have to get the Theigned One at the Obelisk.” “No! At the start of the viewing, Y: The Last Man threatens to do something interesting in the middle: tell an actual story and tell it with the good level of horror, humor and humanity Always, “Yorick.” Come on.

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