BTS: When 16-year-old Jungkook started getting a tattoo and Suga became extremely protective, watch

BTS singer Jungkook got fans talking after he stepped out wearing a short-sleeved shirt during the recent BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo. The singer’s arm and hand featured numerous works of art, including “ARMY”, number “0613” – the date of BTS ‘debut, a golden eye, and a microphone among various other tattoos. As fans embraced the singer’s body art, there was a time when Suga worried that the ARMY wouldn’t appreciate Jungkook’s decision to get a tattoo.

In an episode of BTS American Hustle Life, 16-year-old Jungkook opened up about his dreams and aspirations of being able to drive, drink with his BTS colleagues, and get a tattoo. Speaking to the camera, Jungkook said he was inspired by a tattoo on a woman’s neck and hoped it would get inked once he grew up as well. However, when Suga heard Jungkook talk about his dream of getting a tattoo, he didn’t quite agree.

“I always talk about this, when we all go out, the other members can’t drink because of me. They don’t even like to drink much even though it’s a little weird, not all members like to drink So when I’m an adult we’ll go have a drink together. That’s what they said. I want to be an adult as soon as possible so that all the BTS members can have a drink together like a party and me I really want to drive. I want to get a tattoo, “he said before Suga interrupted him to find out what he was talking about.

“The women inside have a tattoo (on their body). So I really want one too,” Jungkook said. “Why say that on camera? He’s crazy! Our fans are going to be disappointed,” Suga said worriedly. Jungkook assured him that he would only get it when he grew up. “I just mentioned how much I love our ARMY. If they like us, they won’t mind. If it’s a cute little tattoo,” he added.

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Suga worried about Jungkook, possibly because tattoos were a taboo subject in South Korea. According to Koreaboo, although tattoos are not illegal in the country, they are classified as a medical procedure and there are strict rules regarding tattooing. Nonetheless, Jungkook fans supported him and his tattoos.

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